Pink parnell skin



best skin ever


this is how it looks in the store atm


What a cool skin, them keys though. :blush:


Pink suits him


Pink Skin for Parnell? I guess the pain is worth it.


I wish the goggles was pink too.


I need it.


Does each class have a hunter with a maneater skin? I need gameplay of a whole team of fabulous.


yes they lol parnell,lazarus,griffin,bucket they all have maneater skins


QCaira/Laz, Bucket, Abe? (not sure which trapper has maneater skin), and Parnell/Hyde.


Abe doesn’t have Man Eater, only Monarch. FeelsBadMan


Honestly I really like the Man Eater series, so I wouldn’t mind if they outfitted every Hunter with it.

IK not every single person does, but a man can dream


I would really like Crow with a pink hoodie and a pink Gobi. Nothing can stand in the way of fabulous Crow :full_moon_with_face:


was playing pubs and this happened