Pink "Goliath Cosmetic Skin"


Has this skin appeared in-game for anyone else? It’s simply entitled “Goliath Cosmetic Skin” and is a pink skin that gives the Goliath blue eyes. I didn’t purchase it to my knowledge, nor does it show in the Steam DLC list or in the in-game Store. I’m able to use it in game no problem though.


Goliath cosmic skin and yeah its in the shop all 3 monsters have one.


You most likely purchased the PCMR edition of the game. The Cosmic skin was one of the bonuses you received.


I did get the PCMR edition. Right you are, looks like I do have them for each starting monster. They’re not showing on in the in-game store for me though, I wonder if it’s because I’m in New Zealand, maybe we get limited content in the region.


Nope, they are not available for purchase yet. They are only for PC players who bought the PCMR version of the game. In about a month players with the regular edition will be able to buy them.


Oh, thanks. Good to know :slight_smile: Is it the same story for the Jade skin for the Behemoth?


Yup yup! :smile:


That looks amazing.


It is absolutely funky, to be sure.


Yeah, I have mine too. Too bad I don’t play monster…
Sometimes it feels like I didn’t get anything but hunters from the PCMR. O.o
What I get for liking 1 side over the other though. ^.-


Do you not know the difference between the words “Cosmic” and “Cosmetic”?


Maybe I don’t!


You do, Shin.


How would you know? You just met me!


We’ve been in a massive private thread for 29 days. I didn’t just meet you today.


We are? Huh… Sure you’ve got the right Shin?


Pretty sure.


You’re so rude, taking it out here. ^.-
And now they see how mean you are to Rose.


And? She called me a pastry fucker. Also, we’re derailing this thread using another thread that was made so we wouldn’t derail threads.


Unpopular Opinion.

I am so utterly pissed with how everyone keeps saying this skin is pink. It’s not pink people, it’s Turkish rose, and is closer to violet than pink really or is that purple… ughhhh