Pings for bots


What if in solo mode, when you ping it makes the bots prioritize whatever it is you’re targeting…? Since right now it serves so purpose unless you’re doing something with distance and are trying to get numbers.


I wish this could be added so badly. Whenever I play solo, no matter who I am, the rest of the hunters keep following me. All senses of teamwork and cutting off the Monster is gone.


Exactly, but I’ve noticed when I go solo as monster…SOMETIMES the bots will do a 2-2 split or even a 3-1 haha. The pings could really help though. Like you said they just follow you :unamused:


Or ping to get them to prioritize following me. So often they get distracted by wildlife.


Kind of like a “Go there” or “Stay here” command. Been wanting this for a long while.


A simple “Don’t follow me around, follow the other guy. I’m the fucking Lazarus” -command would also help immensely.


Or a Laz stay back command. That bot is straight from hell.