Ping to folow


my idea is to imploment when you ping on a hunter (as another hunter) you automatically start to folow him (if you come in contact with terrain jetpack would be automatic 2) so you have a time to type in chat


Eh, I’m against it for the most part; mainly b/c of the few rotten apples that would turn it into something we’d all end up hating to have happen; you get that guy or two who just set themselves to Follow at the start, and only show up for Dome Fights (Being rather generous here) and spend the rest of the time bad mouthing each other.

Wouldn’t be EVERY game, sure, but enough. Kind of like Ft3 Monsters mid dome back in Legacy.

Plus, in addition, variables between each Hunter, map and abilities would create scenarios where one Hunter who has Mobility Perks, for example, is always going to be gaining distance on the follower, eventually causing pathing issues, I would imagine.

I’ll always be more inclined to say Auto Run would accomplish your need to move while typing if verbal comms is simply out of the question for whatever reason.


Lol… I shiver when i recall what happened in wow. People followed the main tank and where afk.


by your logic we should disable voice chat 2 because people can use it for raging


And who does the monster follow when he wants to type? After all it should be fair for everyone.


Wow. Talk about going right over someone’s head…

You can talk while doing everything normally, not even missing a beat. Not so much with a /Follow mechanic. That’s quite a big difference, truth be told.

I don’t care if players want to sling mud at each other like monkeys. It’s part of Online Gaming. What I don’t want are people doing it with a mechanic that will cause them to under-perform even more than their general salt-state would have them at in addition to it, or even grow a reliance on it simply to encourage their lazy behavior (The ‘Wake me when the dome comes down, I’ll be sure to pop in every 20 sec or so to prevent Inactivity timer!’ types) :confused:

At least in Voice, people can say their peace and still actually PLAY the game.


Your idea will never happen. Get speed perks so you are never left behind after typing :slight_smile:


New meta. Chat perks!


like… all chat doesn´t require ./all ? that would be ingenious!


Or /rtd and you switch to a random bot or weapon :smiley:


I know at least the Monster side will change to be /all automatically lol since who else is the Monster gonna talk to?


it could have been so since a year… but whatever :slight_smile: