Ping the Bushes


When you KNOW that a monster is close and there’s no way it got past you, and it’s most likely sneaking around…and also if Daisy is sniffing the ground…start pinging the bushes. Inform your team that you are doing so. This has led me to happy domes from fully concealed monsters I wouldn’t have seen with just my eyes! Also, if you have Hank on your team, tell him to orbital the bush at the same time the arena is cast out.

Bucket’s Voice: YAY!


Alternatively, just have Markov run around holding down the fire button while looking at shrubbery. If it’s around, you’ll know fast.



Now you’re evolving your thinking.


This would work also…but I found that usually a monster starts sneaking some time after I’ve already gotten a dome on it and we’re in hot pursuit. They often will try to double back. If I had to wait for the cooldown as Trapper, this sneaky little move allowed me to let the team know that I know where the monster is and have everyone looking like they are lost and can’t find it until I was able to get the dome back up.


I once joined a match as the monster right at the start and purposefully scared some birds then hid in a bush for like 45 seconds until the hunters came. I wanted to scout and see what they were.

Unfortunately, instead of just going along their merry way looking for me, they stood right in front of my bush chatting amongst themselves… for thirty seconds… then fired a rocket at my face.

Thanks, Parnell. Thanks for the rocket to my face.



Stop aiding the enemy! I rely heavily on bush tactics!


Daisy told me to. She’s secretly playing both sides…


Kill her.

Execute that traitorous THING


Also, the best way to ‘find’ monsters hiding in the bushes would be to get higher. It’s hard to miss a monster when you are about eye level with the bush/tree, but their back/spines tend to stick out in most bushes.


Ehhh smells of spamming Q in Battlefield until hearing “Got an enemy sniper!”



Thats it!

New game mode for you TRS. The 4 players play as Stage 1 Goliath, Wraith, Kraken, Behemoth and have to level up.

They face off against a STAGE …6 SUPER SIZE Daisy who can’t level up.

aaaaaaaaaannnnndd Go. GOTY 2015. Your welcome. I accept cheques and paypal.


We actually did this before my team was like where the hell is it so I pinged a Bush popped up red we then group up around it only for the trapper who was a mic less pub. We all pinged the bush like crazy and he started shooting ctfu.


That sounds intensely exploitative. The idea that you could simply spam terrain with the Q key until you find a hidden monster. Planetside 2 limited this, as did Battlefield, by limiting how many times you can ‘spot’.

However the idea that you can ‘spot’ the monster for the red dot when it’s stealthed and in concealment… No, do not like that at all. Pointing with a yellow dot and shouting “It’s in the bush!” on mic is enough for legitimate sightings. This is just a way to cheat.


Be careful with pings, because sometimes when you ping the monster you announce that you see it. THe Monster can hear this as well.


Wait… the monster can hear when it gets pinged!!!


Yeah I was confused about that maybe the Goliath didn’t notice but Hyde kept yelling monsta here!


Pings play a sound if it “hits” a contextual player. “I Spotted the Monster” or “Hey check out this Albino”


Not that I know of, though it would be something to check it due to the tons of audio cues already in the game. No, I’m talking that when you ping the Monster, sometimes your Hunter will call it out with verbal dialogue. Such as “Goliath here!” “Thats a Kraken” etc…