Pin a medic, win the game?


This is mostly directed at Val but somewhat at Laz as well if he gets in a bad spot. Specially with Val is there anyway to get out of just getting wailed on all the time aside from demanding your support be hank? I mean when I play monster I wail on the medic 9/10 every time, and provided the map is not a total pain to get around in the dome I usually down them and its all down hill from there for the hunters. As a medic I find that it is really hard (as Val) to get away from a monster who is on me. I tranq dart, and jetboost away, (if its goliath I try to jetboost towards him when he leaps from) but otherwise if its kraken or wraith its just “your going to probably be downed just deal with it”. Is there really any way to properly survive as a Val, or as Laz/Kaira (when their abilities are on cooldown). I try all the usual go up and down cliffs, head towards the team, hop from cliff to cliff but I still find that any semi-decent monster will always down me the moment they see the heal gun beam and a tranq does not help me. Is it just suppose to be this way or?

*the only thing I can think of that is “fair” to help her out is to make tranqs more potent by slowing stamina regen(more if they already do?). Because even if I tranq them they are just gona leap/boost right for me with their combat stamina regen and wail on me.


Yeah, Val is in a tricky spot because she’s easily focused and killed because she heavily lacks sustain or a disengage. Her tranqs don’t stop a Monster from wailing on you and her only hope is Hank or a strong offensive team to put lots of pressure on the Monster.

Her healing isn’t that amazing either.


I wonder if she would be in par with the other two madics if she could self-heal, or maybe taht would make ehr way to good.


Well the question is how? There already is a regen perk but its pretty dinky. Maybe like biofeedback from Global Agenda so that as you heal you heal yourself at a reduced rate? It might put her on par with Kaira I suppose.


That is a pretty decent idea, I support it.


I find my myself considering my choice of medic based on the group more than any other class, who support is is most important. I cannot honestly say to have had a wealth of experience with Val/Cabbot to say what potential combos are.

Medic is all about positioning. Recharge or jump height is good because you want height. When chasing the monster I a) never run with the group b) never go down to its elevation as Val. Look before you leap. For example if a monster is kiting the right side of the map don’t follow it down, keep high, move to the mid and wait with tranqs. Always check the map if in doubt.

Durning combat use pings and communication to try to get the group into a prostion that is favourable for you. At least let them know the boundaries of your heal. They will overextend less.

*If Hank your half of the beam team! Enjoy the power.
*If Bucket get those sentries out, dodge into them, punish him for chasing
*If Abe ping for a stasis/Markov for a mine to dodge towards
*If Cabbot find assault, get the damage amp on and dry hump the monster, use tranqs to help kiting
*Damage resistence could be a good choice as medic paired with Cabbot, a trapper friend chooses this and swears by it as a frequent victim of being focused

And I don’t know what this cannot self heal is going on about, you have burst heal you know?


I half agree. Yes, medic is bound to get beat on a lot, but it’s sort of the medic’s job to avoid direct confrontation with the monster, isn’t it? It’s part of the challenge of being an effective medic, I think.


I thought of possibly buffing Val in this sense, make her heal 8% of healing per second as opposed to 5%. And allow her to heal herself when she heals an ally at 3% per second. That way she does have a way of sustain and it also comes with drawbacks! When you wish to heal yourself you have to deal with that slow that comes with it.

The healing buff is also to bring her up-to-par with Caira.


One issue I find with many people having trouble surviving as Medic is that they see the problem this way:
[Goliath/Kraken starts wailing on me. I die because I have no self-heal].

When really the problem is this:
[Before the Goliath/Kraken gets to me/is in range of an attack, I am positioned poorly/have no jetpack fuel].

The fight does not begin when the Goliath starts attacking you, it begins when you exit the dropship. All movements before then (and after) are important. Val has tracking abilities superior to Lazarus, and superior damage boost abilities to Caira. If Val had a self-heal, she would be so powerful that players would stop using Lazarus and Caira.

Of course, sometimes the Goliath/Kraken is so determined to kill you that no matter your positioning/jetpack skill, you still can’t escape. But ideally your team will help you, or the Monster will have taken so much damage that the rest of your team can finish him off.