Pilot assault ? lol


I joined with my friend to a game near its end and I was playing as an assault and the character was weird? idk I have never seen this character and a skill was missing here’s the link. I am assuming it’s a bug


It is, the devs are currently working on it :smile:


secret fourth assault class! the ebonstar soldier! ^^


lol funny bug though I was like WOAH ! xD


lol I was afraid for it to be real, I mean he’s a mix between Hyde and the 3rd assault with same exact weapons


The Ebonstar is a “bonus” helper you can get in one of the missons if you win as human, if monster wins…He still joins…just dead (free food)

We just joke with that we really is saving a NOD colony and that they all are black hand soldiers^^

Don’t he just have machine gun?