Pillars of Eternity is basically BG3, and that's awesome


So in case you haven’t seen or heard yet for some reason (I didn’t until this week), Obsidian has developed a new Infinity Engine RPG in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, & Icewind Dale (games developed by Black Isle), and funded by Kickstarter like other recent top-down RPGs Wasteland II & Divinity: Original Sin (it’s a bit of a CRPG renaissance thanks to Kickstarter). Pillars of Eternity is pretty dope. It feels a lot more like an old school style RPG than the other recent games I mentioned. The story is very classic fantasy, but in a new fantasy world with new races and some interesting takes on D&D classes. The gameplay isn’t D&D rules, but it’s got a pretty deep system. I’m loving the Cipher class, a psionist that powers their magic with melee attacks. There’s a good amount of recorded dialogue so it’s not quite the novel-reading experience of Divinity: Original Sin. If you loved any of those old top-down RPGs then be sure to give this one a try, and if you’ve played it already then lemme know what you think about it.


Pretty disappointed in the lack of CRPG players around here.


Meh, did you expect to find a lot of CRPG players on an FPS forum?


It’s not exactly a traditional FPS, and yes. Gamers are gamers. People post about all kinds of completely unrelated games. Was it really necessary to post just for that?


No, but no one else was posting anything… sorry for stopping by. PEACE!


I actually really enjoy classic RPG stuff, I’m kind of an Uber-Nerd. I play D&D and… larp, on the weekends. This looks really interesting too, is there any possibility for customization. Like making your own NPC’s or maybe even entire campaigned?


The character creation is pretty deep. Then you can recruit NPCs from taverns and you can create them yourself from scratch. I dunno about modding.


I just noticed the voice of Eder, and apparently also Aloth - the two earliest NPCs in your party - as well as one of the generic PC voices, is Matthew Mercer a.k.a. the voice of Abe.


I actually enjoy CRPGs like Baldur’s gate and the original Fallout games a ton, but I suffer from an odd disorder known as “repeatedly create new characters after getting the slightest feeling that my last character wasn’t perfectly entertaining”. It just repeats itself in any RPG I play.

Honestly, the only CRPG I’ve ever completed was Fallout 1… probably because of the special system. This one looks fantastic though, but I think I should probably focus on actually beating Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 first :worried:


I do the same thing a couple times in RPGs, but I usually settle on a character that’s reasonably easy to play for my main playthrough (in this case, Barbarian). Plus you can create hirable NPCS from scratch, so if you wanted you could have a party of 6 custom characters. The party system in these games means you have complete control over up to 6 classes at once, so you can still play a Wizard or Priest with tons of spells or try out the awesome Cipher class.

It’s not actually related to the BG lore at all, it’s a spiritual sequel, and you may find the updated mechanics easier to use.


Oh I know it isn’t related. Regardless though, the mechanics of the older games wasn’t really what got me, it’s just a huge habit I have with RPGs in general… must’ve made around a hundred characters in Morrowind alone that haven’t even got past the very beginning of the game.

Luckily I think I have finally settled with a character in Baldur’s Gate, so maybe I can get through it.


That’s why I said

I do the same in RPGs, trying a bunch of different characters, but I settle on one eventually. The first BG games are definitely worth playing, but you could play PoE first. There’s a whole opening section that you could play a hundred times, but it will get boring and you will die a lot if you don’t advance until you have a full party - that’s when it really gets fun, when you’re managing the whole party. The loot system is nice, you have a Stash that you carry at all times, so when anyone’s inventory is full it just goes into the stash - this way you can sell huge amounts of loot picked up off the ground (and various plants and things for craftables). Vendors don’t run out of money (that I’ve seen).