Piece of concept art I found


What do you think. Could be the next monster.


Woah! Where did you get that from? Also could those be the next hunters?


this was on another thread i think. there are other photos to go along with this one


Yup, I think I may have posted them. They’re really old though I think, so there’s no guarantee that’s even gonna be in the game. It might even be the original Goliath, since he was an insect of some sort at first


I remember this. They were in an old game informer interview if I recall. It could be old Goliath as he used to be a crab/scorpion creature, or possibly another monster in concept. There were some other related pictures in that interview that showed that monster at different angles too. If I can find it again, I will post it.


That is a super old game play storyboard we did when we were pitching the game to publishers. The monster pictured is the first incarnation of Goliath, he was called Scorpid back then.


Sounds neat! Perhaps this design could be used in the possible future, hmmmmm? :bulb: