Pictures of mutilated babies in agony are OK?


So I just saw a vile image as detailed above on a post here. I think its sick,unnecessary and in bad taste to both post and allow this on your forums.


We’ve just closed and unlisted that thread. We’re only human, and we can’t immediately handle every single issue here. So give us time to do so before saying-

-alright? :slight_smile:


It still takes a disgusting human being to believe it’s appropriate or amusing. Any environment where this behaviour is encouraged ,tolerated or allowed is not a good place to be. Also this thread was only locked after I complained ? Until I spoke up you all thought it was OK? Unacceptable.


They closed it as soon as they could, they didn’t think it was fine. they didn’t see it. there’s a difference between being unable to do something and unwilling.


Please don’t assume such things. The Leaders and Moderators do the best they can to keep the forum clean of such things, but it’s not always everything they find… Which is why it’s possible to flag a post and notify them so they can deal with the matter immediately.


Did you even read his response? It was closed as soon as they saw it.


A topic with hundreds of comments only got noticed when I highlighted it? I doubt it and stand by my comment that it was unacceptable to post and for there to be an environment where posting it results in zero punishment . For clarity it was a picture of a human baby with its eyes gouged out screaming in agony. There is no defence for the posting or lack of punishment in my eyes.


what can they do, track down the poster and go to their house?


Look mate, there are very few of us and 20, 000 of you. Only three of us were online at the time. We have lives too. And with all of the threads we have to sift through- often having to merge and close like fifty-something- it is difficult to get to in time. Furthermore, most of us have been doing this for a few days. Refrain from passing judgement.

Furthermore, Leaders cannot pursue punishments further than thread closes. Only mods can do that, and it’s a lengthy process. Not that simple.

And for the record, it was a photoshopped picture. They put mouths over the eyes. There was no mutilated baby, you need to look closely before going off on people.


We thank you for your amazingly well done job. ^.^



The things I miss when I go to sleep…


You didn’t miss anything. =/