Picking up dead wildlife or hunters


And being able to throw them at enemies. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yay or Nay?


No it wouldn’t


Sounds like a really pointless feature.


You have to eat corpses, throwing them seems like it wouldn’t be helpful.


Bah, you guys are no fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that sounds pretty fun. Just generally having destructibile objects is a really neat feature in my opinion. Especially when destroyed objects can be sent flying as projectiles that do damage. Thinking how the tank can break certain pillars in l4d and the debris hurts survivors, and of course the cars and dumpsters he can knock around


picking hunters up might be ok, though not sure how much throwing them would make a lot of difference


You can pick up hunters you cant throw them goliath picked up and slammed val it was a finishing move but it was an animation you cant control it.


Since you cannot finish your meal while beeing shot i could imagine this as a scripted animation if you are disturbed while feeding… Other than that it seems pretty pointless to me!


alternatively how cool would it be if you killed a hunter on their last strike you would pick them up and eat them and regain armor and a bit of health. The eating would be much quicker than normal and uninterruptable

maybe only as goliath


Would be neat but I smell ballance issues there…


well, the monster would have a short animation while eating the hunter that could reverse the health he gained, and it’s only on 3rd strike when a hunter dies instantly anyway. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to balance if they wanted to do it, but it’s definitely not a big deal either way. It might even be annoying as monster to stop and eat someone if you don’t really want to as well.


Each side, both Hunter and Monster, simply needs a taunt that has no benefit to the players nor affect on anyone and the game itself.


Taunting is always fun. :slight_smile:


Imagening the goliath dancing after a won round singing can´t touch this :wink: