Picking on the Wraith


I have read the latest patch notes for the next balancing patch and i have to say i am very unhappy with the way the are going and the changes they are making.

I am primarily a monster player played lots of Wraith (got elite skin and was 2nd in the world in the beta) i still love to play Wraith but now i am glad that i have maxed the monster so i don’t need to play this post balance weakling,

The Wraith was OP in the beta i understand but the Wraith is fine the way it is now, but then they reduce almost every advantage that the monster had at her disposal (speed, trickery and stealth) and still expect people to be happy with the monster. for example they have reduced supernova by 50% that is ridiculous now all a hunter team needs to do is get shields and healing up and they can pretty much out last the supernova with a now damaged wraith directly in front of them, one of the main points of Wraith is speed yes? well now warp blast is no longer a traversal mechanic the distance has now been reduced and will not go up no matter how many points go into it. making the what i call speed build (max points into abduction and wrap blast) much less effective. if the devs don’t like monsters using their abilities as extra traversals then why does Goliath have two (leap smash and charge) i understand the he is a completely different monster but the reason is unclear.

The Wraith is different to the other monsters but this doesn’t mean she is OP it just takes different tactics slowing the Decoy in the middle of a fight renders it almost useless (which Val can now do for longer) meaning the weakest monster has to get in their and do the damage herself.

In my opinion they seem to have listened to the wrong people from where i am sitting they have listened to people who play hunters with out a team (just going into matchmaking by themselves) doing this will appear to increase the power of the monsters but it doesn’t it only decreases the effectiveness of the team people then go on to the forums and twitter to tell people that the monsters are OP. So lets get this patch straight, monster less powerful hunters more powerful, i thought this was supposed to be a balance patch as it turns out is just hating on the monsters again. im just glad that i have the Wraith elite meaning i don’t need to play it any more. Don`t nerf the monsters any more hunters just need to get better, most of them have had the game long enough.



You said you read the patch notes. So have you actually played it post patch now?


I have played one game in Solo mode with the new rules. For the most part, I didn’t notice too many changes. Yes, Supernova was really, really short, but I don’t use it much normally and only have been taking it for the mastery. What does bother me is the visibility with Decoy. Decoy is my disengage tool, and it’s pointless to try to disengage with it when you can’t use any abilities but are still fully visible.

i would suggest allowing Wraith to use Warp with Decoy now, since she is visible after the Decoy is sent out. Without the ability to traverse or to use even a basic melee attack without breaking the melee, Decoy is little better than a homing missile you send out from safety. In other words, it reinforces the bad behavior we had before, while discouraging a better behavior of using it to get out of a fight.


Actually the Wraith is faaaar from weak. Firstly, i hardly play Wraith, im more of a Goliath kind of guy. Last night, got dropped into a Wraith bot with 2 warp, 1 decoy.
Stage 2, no confrontations, shes still really really stealthy.
Stage 2, 2 abduct, 1 supernova.
Full armor, prepped for my suicide run (i really hate playing Wraith, like i said, Goliath is best) warp blast into the center of em, damage is beautiful, packed an umph that it never did prepatch 3 warps, dodge dome, moment it drops, abduct Medic out of pack, supernova her face in. Lasted just long enough to get the down. Nice, could be a tad bit longer but whatevs.
Proceed to use this tactic over and over, win with half a bar of health left. Amazed. I used to get stomped prepatch by the least coordinated teams ever (literally had half a team kill themselves via Nomad, i still ended up losing >_>) yet here i am, somehow winning against a premade that knew how to actually fight a monster.
Only gripe: The cloak flash on decoy feels like an ETERNITY, feel like the flash was fine as it was before, but whatevs, break los then use it and itll be fine. Wraith is ok. Not perfect, but ok.


“Speed build” was the shit every hunter in the game despised beyond anything else in the game.
Warp Blast did shit for damage b4 the patch and I expect that Wraith players feel they can actually deal damage once in a while instead of just fucking running around until Stage 3 then going all in.


I think his concerns are valid. Although warp blast and abductions are still great abilities and wraith overall is not “weaker”, decoy and supernova are in a terrible spot right now. I’ve played a few games post patch and you just can’t use decoy to reposition anymore and yes hunters can now “tank” the supernova…
Unfortunately it comes down to “take warp blast and abduction or lose” which is a shame :frowning:
Although the traversal changes were necessary (+ cd on decoy), killing decoy’s invisibility capacity + removing supernova as a powerful dmg dealer is a bit too much… it’s kinda like “goliath change : rock throw does now 50% less damage” say whaaaaat ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it’s a good thing because it will take the wraith a bit more skill and thought to play. I was really bothered by her traversal and the warp blast combo. This should limit the fleeing of players.

Now the supernova, to be honest that patch was uncalled for. She needs to do more damage because she has the least armor and health compared to the other 2 monsters. The fleeing was the only thing that I found OP, but going to her main damage dealer? Wow… Rock throw and thunder shock deal so much damage themselves, because those are meant to be the damage dealers.

But I doubt the developers will reverse any change.


I do not see the problem, Abuct was not nerfed.


I don’t see any problem with that truck. It just states free candy, so I’ll approach it in hopes for free candy!


Dont mean to be that guy but before the patch Wraith wasnt fun to play against as the hunters. They clearly stated that they are more concerned with making the wraith fun to play as and against. Once that is done they said that if the numbers need tweaking then they will be more than happy to buff her if that is what is needed. With the next patch on the 31st I think that will introduce the system where they can start micro patching so they can get balance changes out considerably faster. I have faith that they can balance their game since i mean its already fairly balanced as is.

What I can suggest is that you try to change your play style. Wraith was designed as a hit and run kind of character. Grab abduction try to go for max range abductions then kill the person that is separated from the team. All that is needed now is to find a new play style that makes Wraith shine as she is now. If you were truely ranked number 2 at one point in time I believe that you can find a new build that makes her feel good.


that says more about your Wraith play style than mine i use decoy supernova and a little bit of abduction, warp blast just makes no sense to dart in and be the centre of attention which is literally the opposite of how the monster is supposed to be played, i assume u have lost Wraith games where as i haven’t but the devs had made the two (in my opinion) best abilities now very close to obsolete.


Try traversing into the air as wraith then abducting someone up there auto them then warp blasting below them see how fast they die.


The tranq duration for Wraith wasnt changed one bit… Her tranq on Wraith has always been 10 seconds they just made the tranq duration equal on all monsters.


i agree with you completely but the speed is one of the main advantages with the Wraith and to reduce that ontop of damage is too much. there is a fine line between making a monster tougher to play and nerfing it into the ground the devs have pushed Wraith into the later category with this second patch


Super nova was a win button. It needed a nerf.


Also for the point on Supernova duration being lowered. Would you rather them make it so that the decoy wasnt able to be affected by it? I mean I know a ton of people who would pop supernova then go into decoy and let the decoy go to town. That is why they lowered the duration to compensate for that playstyle.


by the time they buff her behemoth will have been out for some time and people will be crying to have him nerfed too, the quality of the hunter team seems to dictate the balancing for the monsters.


I have been playing with the “speed build” as they call it, so feel free to hate on me. I have not noticed any changes to the build when I played last night, although to be fair, when I engage I am looking for a fight, and when I don’t want a fight, I stay hella far from the hunter bots, so outdistancing the dropped dome isn’t something I payed much attention to.

As for Warp Blast’s increased damage… I haven’t noticed it, and I always take 1 rank in Warp Blast at Stage 1, a second at Stage 2, and unless I am trying to do the mastery on Supernova (which I currently am), I fill it out at Stage 3. The +10% really doesn’t seem to do much in my observation. I didn’t really down any hunters who weren’t on the ropes before, and I still don’t. I guess the radius is nice, but again, I am not noticing any real changes.

I will probably have to play around with her a bit more before I can say I have a definitive opinion. Unfortunately I only play the Monster in Solo mode, as I am horrid at PvP play with a real person, so I am not sure how good my observations will be for telemetry or feedback.


Decoys damage should be at Supernova. Warp blast having a bonus in damage and a decrease in mobility is perfectly fine.

In my opinion Decoys only purpose should be as a repositioning tool. Nothing else.


A 50% reduce in duration? Sorry, but that sucks. Do you know about rock throw at fully powered? That almost takes about 80%-85% of health and just use fire breath and bam! Incapacitated! Not to mention, but rock throw regenerates fast. Thunder shock with the kraken is almost the same. Why? Because those are the damage dealers.

The wraith also has low armor and low health compared to the other 2 monsters. The damage of the supernova is enough to make up for her ability to get damaged severely.