Picking Lazarus


Had a game earlier today where the medic sat on no hunter until the last 3 seconds before the match started. Obviously he chose fucking Lazarus.

Most other Hunters need to take Health Regen if Lazarus is the medic. YOu’re effectively hurting your team even more than when you decided to pick Laz in the first place.

WHen I told him not to pull that crap, he got pissy and said he wouldn’t heal me.

I was the Assault. Obviously we lost.

Just…please use some common sense


Nop you don’t need regen perk. If you are low on health just go suicide in some wildlife so Laz can res.Regen Perk doesn’t work in-fight so its useless in-domes.

If the team is lower than half suicide.If the team is more than half 1 or 2 heals will be enough.


Some people join the game late because of bad connection and what not, they might not realize how much time is left. I do understand the anger of losing a game because of a bad choice though, I would have chosen a caira in that situation.


If you aren’t far behind the monster and he’s watching your team’s health, he just might decide to turn around if you’ve got someone at half life.


I’ve had Lazarus tell everyone to pick Health Regen to make it easier on him. We all picked it, I’m pretty sure I was assault or trapper because someone chose Bucket, and the Lazarus player got all angry saying “oh Buckets useless. I won’t heal you because you picked Bucket. I’ll heal the others though.”

We lost too. He didn’t get a single person up, couldn’t even keep himself alive. I was steamed.


I love people who pick Laz and then don’t use their laz device :blush:


If you don’t know the medic, always take health regen. I have been fooled by even elite Caira players, just for them spamming napalm grenades and not doing any healing at all.

It is a fact that Lazarus can easily keep everyone healthy between fights.
But will the random player you met actually put in the effort? Don’t count on it.


Depending on how you did it, i could have done the same

And no, you don’t need regen perk, i personally never use it, It have no use in a fight, and Laz can heal you between.

AND some perk prevent you from even having those damage in the first place (jump bonus for example)


That magic 8 ball in your link is a liar


I remember once hearing Laz saying, " Up up up up up up up up!" I turn around and to my horror; my friend was revived by Laz without using the device…I mean Come on!


I wish people would stop saying this crap. Regen works fine in combat. It does not work while you take damage however. you can shoot all you want at the monster and you will still regain health.


Okay buddy good luck with ur HP regen


Laz taste delicious upon my built corner, what monster am i?


I use health regen too…and it works great in battle…everytime ur health gets below half just avoid the monster, if your support throw on ur cloak and by the time your cloak is done ur health is almost full…


That’s the point.Avoid the monster.What happens when you have no cloack?And the monster wants the support down?You have wasted your perk-pick instead of having mobility(jetpack recharge) or DR.

The thing is you want someone to die while having lazarus.So the monster needs to camp the body.Then all can go ham on the monster.If he doesn’t camp then Laz res.Picking a perk for the sole reason to regen hp while not getting attacked sounds silly.Ofc i’m talking about monsters who hard-focus people and NOT monsters who attack whoever is in front of them w/o caring


well I guess but I consistently get idiot medics that don’t heal before the next dome and shit so regen makes up for shitt medics…I only use health regen when im support or if laz is picked…to many terrible medics that don’t heal…a lot of medics worry more about sniping then healing


Okay that makes sense.I don’t have much experience because from my 400 hours not even 100 are on pubs.I only play when friends are online.When everyone is playing their role good then hp regen perk is just a waste of perk


yea I have about 200 hours played and mayb 30 minutes in customs and 5 hours in solo…everything else is pubs…trying to get up there on the leaderboard haha…


Monster kills as hunter…

Laz gets excited…

any questions?


While this may be true. An assult with sheilds up will still benefit from health regen. HR perk only deactivates when taking health damage