Picking a monster


Ever since I first played Evolve, my main monster was Goliath. Then Behemoth came out, and I played him alot. Then I played both for a long while.
But now that I’ve played them for a large amount of time, I want to play the other monsters. But the problem is, people quit when I choose Wraith and people complain after a match if I play Kraken! So what do I do so that I dont feel guilty when I play them?


Just play whatever you prefer. No Monster is unbeatable. I personally prefer the up close and personal play style of Goliath and Behemoth so they are my mains. If I am feeling particularly sneaky I will go Wraith. I hardly ever play Kraken anymore, for two reasons, he’s frustrating to fight and I don’t want to make the other team fight one, and I just don’t much care for his play style. Playing it safe throwing lightning just feel kind meh, for me, personally. So just play whatever you are strongest with or in the mood for. If they quit, their loss, if they complain, who cares?


If you want to be extra cautious, you could ask them if it’s fine if you play kraith, so you don’t just have them rage quit at the start of a match, and you can just point out that they said they were fine with it beforehand if they start complaining post match


I like goliath the most but with allt the glitches and movement bugs or abilities doing no damage, i am not happy so i play kraken until it gets fixed.