Picked as the monster and don't want to be


Why is it that I get picked as the monster quite a bit and it’s the last choice in my preference line up? Especially when I’ve been in the same lobby for multiple games and new people come in and get to be whatever they want. Also we should have the option of backing out and selecting a new class if we want. It shouldn’t back us out of the lobby and make us find a new one. Not a fan of this at all.

Also why is it the game says you can climb an obstacle without any jetpack juice but when you try to, you have to have at least a little bit of energy left in the jetpack just to climb objects?


If the new people are in a group, and you are solo you’ll get the monster position.

The system puts a human controlled monster above a human controlled hunter in terms of priority.


Answer: Premade groups probably throw you into a match where the monster previously left OR you’re in a lobby of a group of 4 and the only other option for you is to be monster.


nah it happens even when i’m in the lobby with the same exact people for say 10 games or so.



10 char


but i know ive been in games where the people aren’t in a party…


If everyone in the game has monster set to last priority, it round robins the monster, inevitably you will be forced to play it.


This. There’s a graph somewhere that shows how people do there preferances(why are you red lined???). Monster is usually either first or last. A very small percent put it in 2nd, 3rd or 4th.