Pick n Ban System/ Caster Mode


Not sure if this is the right place where i should be posting this.

But from a Player perspective. I wanted to know who else be interested in seeing this integrated into the game.

It can be time consuming waiting for picks and bans in the match chat. pick this, ban that. pick this ban that… I know there is technology that is usable to actually interface that into the game. As well as a Dedicated Caster mode that can Display Team names, / Scores.

While the General Spectator mode is good an all with its easy to use UI interface. Even if it can be improved a bit to add score boards info for casters to be able to use not just for Console scenes but for the platforms all across

I feel if its already integrated into the game updates. It can make it easier on players to go ahead and do picks and bans, map picks and bands all within the game easy to display. Which makes consolidating information of wins losses. etc all more easier… I am aware the timing for this wont be easy as 1,2,3. But its a step to try and bring it back into the light for the competitive scene.

-.- Please excuse my babbling


I’ve asked about this a few times, however with CryEngine its alot more difficult than it sounds.
Its easier to write an external application and have it display the data appropriately.
This also allows you to customize the data displayed to match the tournament.

Anyone who is getting interested in casting, from the console side of things, should look into a capture card setup. It provides more control, and higher quality towards the broadcast.

As much as I would love this to be integrated, there are other things i’d rather see happen first.


What you say is point blank valid. It isn’t a easy feat to get all this programming architecture to be stable within the CryEngine and pushed out for mass production. Though my question to you would be, particularly along the line of this subject. What is it that you would like to see first?




I am very interested to see it in the game . It’s similar to this idea