Pick, counter-pick and strategies


Hello everyone,

I came here to discus about competitve gameplay. I play a lot of competitive games like Counter-strike, League of Legend, Starcraft and so on. I played Evolve i think around 20 to 30h during the big alpha.

There are 2 things that i would love to see in the game :

  1. some kind of ranking system or a ladder

  2. being able to pick or counter-pick in the lobby. Let me explain this one a little bit more. I think some hunters are doing very good or just decent depending on the monster they are fighting against. While i think maggie’s harpoon are great against goliath, they tend to be less usefull against the kraken. While Val is good against goliath, i think it is sometimes better to pick Lazarus instead because of his survavibility in closed encounter. (without forgetting that hunters/monster shine or fade depending on the map)

What would be cool in my opinion is if the monster could choose the map he wants to play onto, then 2 hunters can pick their class (which would be visible for everyone), then the monster choose his (also visible) knowing 2 hunters he is playing against and then the last 2 hunters chooses their and can counter-pick the monster class.

What do you think about it?

(Sorry for my poor English :slight_smile: )


Knowing 3 hunters before picking would be more realistic, otherwise the monster has no change. Unless he chooses the first 2 classes that have to be picked.


What do you mean by “monster has no change” ?


The last 2 would always be trapper and medic. If the monster chooses kraken they would go griffen/abe with a val and the kraken has already lost in the lobby. ( if the skill level of players are the same )


Ok i understand. Then yes maybe the monster could also choose which 2 classes are selected first. But i think saying hunters would automaticly choose medic and trapper last is maybe underestimating what could bring differents support or assault class


The support and assault are not the top priority classes, it’s not because you choose hank over bucket you’ll have a better change or markov over hyde, assault is just there to do the damage and support to help out the team. The trapper / val can keep the monster pinned down.


I don’t think we need to change the way it currently works. The hunters have to make sure that they can take on each hunter (have either Val or Griffin for the Kraken for instance) While the monster needs to be prepared for every hunter (take 1 lvl in fire breath to deal with mines for instance)


In competitive this can maybe be a problem ( the unknown enemy ). If you know the enemy monster well he ( or she but not seen a lot of women in pro scene :slight_smile: ) will have a personal favorite. So if the hunters know that they have a small advantage before the game.


well you accept then that in some case, it will be unbalanced (player choosing randomly and having the perfect composition or the worst) ?


It’s not a matter of randomness. Both sides are in control of what they choose. You simply have to take the risk of not picking certain hunters/abilities that work well in certain situations. Or don’t take the risk and be prepared for everything, but you will be less versatile.

Letting players see the opposing side will create the same matches over and over (always Val and Griffin if they know it’s a Kraken for instance)


in that case you could also always pick the same 4 hunters to prevent any kind of situation right?


If you can tell me the perfect hunter combo that works against every monster, do tell! I haven’t found it yet ^^


well i don’t :slight_smile: but why pick one class over another then? if (after some month) a combo of 4 hunters (let’s say a group of 4 for each map) rise, then why pick something else if we don’t what we are fighting against anyway?


The game is really balanced you can’t pick a certain hunter in a class above another hunter in that same class.
They all have their own playstyle, like val is really good vs air monsters and can heal over time while lazarus can revive opponents whenever he want = bit more aggresive playstyle.


Cause I believe that their isn’t a perfect hunter group. Believe me, I have thought hours and hours about it (and talked it through with other high-lvl players) and I can’t figure one out. Every hunter has abilities that work well vs certain monsters or in certain situations, but are absolute crap in other situations.

One hunter group may turn out to be the most versatile, but their the jack-of-all trades group: no specialities either. So in that case, both monster should be able to take them on. For me, the Jack-off-all trades group would be: Hyde, Maggie, Val and Hank. But I’m sure there are monster players who laugh at this group for not taking X hunter.


i just though it could had so strategy to the game. feeling like you pick a class to respond to something.
here, when i pick a class, my choice goes mainly on the map and what kind of monster the other player could pick depending on that

Thanks for the reply btw :smile:


Yep i’m not scared of that combo at all :slight_smile: maybe the beamteam but i’m more scared of griffen.


That’s true. But what if you knew who you were up against and could pick your Hunters accordingly? What’s the fun in that? It’d get stale playing a certain Hunter only when you play against a certain Monster, Evolve is about learning new ways to counter other players.

If you’re favourite Trapper is Maggie for example, and you find yourself playing against Kraken, you need to adjust your playstyle. Place your harpoons high up, ask your team to spread out, so if you do get focused on whilst placing them the rest of your team can defend you.

I’d much rather be challenged, than be given the advantage of knowing who to pick to counter my enemy.


There is strategy to it, just not around counterpicking.

There are hunter teams that focus on early engages and finding the monster ASAP. but they might be less strong in later fight.

And there are hunter groups who focus on late-game fights, but have a hard time tracking and keeping up with the monster early game.

And of course everything in between.


I think counterpicking or picking for specific maps will outweigh directly counterpicking the monster or the hunter. Playing to the advantages and disadvantages of the terrain will benefit your playstyle greater than counterpicking would in my opinion.