Physical copy or Digital copy?


Hi, I’m getting evolve for ps4 and I don’t know if I should pre-order the game from Amazon for the physical copy or go to the Playstation Store to pre-order the digital copy on the 19th of Jan (tomorrow). If you pre-order on Amazon you get the instant hunter pack and I know nothing about what you get for the digital edition and I REALLY want the second round of hunters like Laz, Hyde, Griffin, and Bucket instantly.
Please let me know what you think! Thanks! :smile:


Digital or Digital deluxe? The digital deluxe edition gives a whole extra set of hunters and monster once they get finished, whereas amazon gives you the same monster and content already in the game. I would definitely go for the digital deluxe if I was you - that is just me though. Digital will be same as physical if not the deluxe one.


Where did you get that information?
Been looking everywhere and haven’t found a release date for the digital version on PSN


yo! dude it is on psn right now! it came out for US on tuesday