Phone Trouble


I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, had it for 3 months at least. Went to the home screen after watching a YouTube video and the screen froze. I turned the phone off by holding the power button and pressing turn off. I held the power button again to turn it on, but now it’s been stuck in the same screen for who knows how long.

Android is starting… (Then a loading thingy with two lines chasing each other) Starting apps.

No idea what to do. Please help. ;-;


I’d let the phone sit for awhile. The processor could be too hot, or some other reason.

I don’t have an android but I have had this happen on my iPhone 6 many times. My apps freeze and even a restart doesn’t fix it. After waiting an hour or so it loosens up.

If the problem still exists, maybe an android user can help. iPhones and Androids both use micro processors so I’d thought I’d give some help, and am sorry if it doesn’t help much.


Only thing I can afford to do. ;-;

If it’s possible to feel it, then it isn’t hot. It’s relatively the same heat. ;-;

All my progress on Minecraft that I could lose… ;-;


Take the battery out and wait a few minutes? If nothing works then I guess you’ll have to go get your phone fixed. D:


Should I try that first or wait even more like Xplosion said? ;-;


Wait a little bit more, if not take the battery out.


So how much more? So far it’s been… 35 minutes? Should I wait another 30 or? ;-;


D: Take the battery out.


Why the D: face? It’s making me feel worse! ;-;


If your phone is off (completely off) then removing the battery shouldn’t do harm. If your phone is on but at a loading screen, then wait a little longer, turn it completely off and remove the battery.

If it’s not fixed by tomorrow, try and go to your service provider and get it fixed/replaced.

Your data like contacts is stored on your SIM card, but any app progress might be lost if you haven’t backed up your phone.


If by on but at a loading screen you mean the, Android is starting… Starting apps. Then yes. ;-;

How much longer though? ;-;

But how? If I hold the power button nothing shows up. ;-;

;-; k


At this point take the battery out and try to reboot.


yea, take the battery out, if not, take it to your carrier store…

I wish it was Apple, I am a god at all Apple Products.


Your phone should not be responcive if it’s completely off. If you can press a button and the lock screen shows it’s not fully off. If it’s at a load screen, it’s not completely off.

Like I said, I’m not an android user, but completely off means you can’t press a button and see the lock screen. Aka, hold the power button till off.

Try watching this video:


Will do. It’s gonna be a pain to do so. My nails already hurt. ;-;


Hoooooooly shit. :0


@KomodoLover let me know if the video helped. If not, I’ll have to find more videos.


IT WORKED!!!1!!! :'D

If I could give you more likes I would!

I guess this thread could be shut down, unless it could be used for those with phone trouble. :smiley:


I guess you now know how to fully power down your phone… Or at least restart it.

Glad I could help :wink:

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