Phoenix skins priced at $6.99 on PS4?


I’m guessing this is wrong because no other hunter skin packs are priced this way and with the bundle priced the same as the monster skins, it’s actually cheaper to buy the phoenix skins individually. This can’t be right, right?


I’ll log in and look, not bothered looking at hunter skins much.
But this on on PC, fyi.


What are these skins!?!


Flames on your weapons.

They are quite bright, and noticeable.


See this thread: Medic Phoenix Skins


For who? All the different hunters?


They are the same price on PC of $4.99, not sure what’s up.


Me neither because in that thread, there’s a link to the Xbone store and they’re $4.99 there as well. PS4 is screwed up. That blows.


I see them on Medic? Let me see the others.


LAAAMEE… Going to look awful with the blue and white on the medics me thinks

Seriously… why is this not assault…


Medic only.


Nope, just for medics.


Yeah. Medic only.

A tad too garish for my tastes.


I’m not planning on using them. ^.^


So pricing isn’t right you say?

Pricing might differ per region as I know.


No, I’m in the US and all other hunter skin packs are priced at $4.99. It’s very strange as it seems to be only happening on PS4.


File a ticket with 2K support, they should definitely take care of it.


Done. This is unrelated, but I found it funny that there’s actually drop down selections for stuff like, “I preordered Behemoth and it didn’t unlock” or “I don’t have my gold monster skins”. Those problems must be more common than I thought.


Lots of people got angry at the gold, and Behemoth.


Yeah, I saw a bunch of threads on this forum about that and the Predator skins, but this population is much smaller than the game and all. So, I just thought it was funny that they had such specific drop down selections. However, none of them really applied to my problem which was a little annoying.