Phoenix Skin Pack Is More Expensive Than Buying Individual Skins


Hi, I play on the PS4. I was browsing the store when I noticed something odd. The Phoenix Skin Pack is 6.99, but buying each skin individually costs 1.99 each. That’s three skins due to the fact that Slim doesn’t have one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you saving a dollar by not buying the bundle?


$4.99 on Xbox-One.


That’s so odd.


The prices varies on the platforms…


Oh my God… Damn it. I bought that pack. Why’s my math so bad.


Aw man that sucks! At least you learned a valuable lesson from it. :smile:


Still, that’s strange that TRS or 2K have yet to change it on PS4.


PS4 skins shouldn’t cost more than those on X1.


I’m don’t know how the console prices differs from each other, all I’ve seen is that the PC skins are cheaper than xbox and ps4.


Strange issue i know tell tales GoT cost different prices until people picked up on it then ps4 changed it so they matched


Hey quick question, do you live anywhere outside the us, I’ve seen prices vary by location as well


No I live in the US :grin:


So strange :scream: it shouldn’t be more expensive!


But sadly it is. ^.^