Phobias and fears


Bit random haha but does anyone have any phobias or fears? (Like spiders or giant monsters) My phobia is vomiting.

Irrational fear! List 'em!

Being eaten by something while still alive :stuck_out_tongue:


My phobia is the concept of death, or evolve being delayed. its a 50/50


Spiders lol, and open water, I hate the fact I can’t see what’s underneath :frowning:

I have to avoid tyrant pools at all costs.


Spiders for me.

(I’ve seen somewhere that being eaten alive is a primal and ancestral fear. That may be why zombies are actually creepy…)


Spiders for me. Hate them. I’m also scared of being physically restricted, although it’s not as bad as spiders.


I’m just now starting to get over a phobia of insects. Basically any kind of bug from ladybugs to crickets to praying mantises. Over the course of this and last year I’ve been getting better to where the only thing that has made me jump and freak out recently was a when a centipede found it’s way into the basement.

Other then that, in some games I have an irrational fear of deep water. Basically any water source that you swim in but cannot see the bottom scares me in video games. When I first played Minecraft (talking Beta 1.3 or so), I would never go out into the ocean unless I had a boat. I stopped playing a world back in the early days of playing due to my boat randomly breaking and I immediately quit the game. Plenty of other games have the same affect, but then in others I have absolutely no trouble with. I’m not really sure what causes it.


Snakes. Can’t stand them.


Chemical weapons and the sound of somebody scratching metal objects.

I’ve seen some shit.


Spiders here as well. Its so bad that i dont want to on a holiday somewhere on the southern hemisphere, out of fear of tarantulas.

i also have a big fear that i will end up living alone…never finding someone that will love me…friends abandoning me after they are all happily married and have kids…family looking down upon me for being alone…


With your charming personality? Doubtfull. :wink: I’m sure you’ll find that special someone.

As for me, I’m only scared of a couple of things. Number one being rabbits. Seriously, screw those things. Those jet black, satanic eyes, the huge teeth, the body shape… ugh.
The other thing is pretty much any devoted relationship. Probably due to my childhood- which i don’t remember- but I cant stand the thought of actually growing attached to people. If I don’t care about them, I won’t care if they leave. Logic. To this day the only people i love are my girlfriend and my doge. GF because I can’t resist loving her, and doge because he’s so loyal. :smile:


I’m afraid of sea monsters. Luckly, they have been extinct for over 65 million years in real life, but my fear is still too strong for me to enter water areas in video games unless I know for sure (And I will google it) the level is free of them. That includes monsters that “swim” in the sand, like the monsters in “Tremors”.
As for Evolve, yes. I have indeed fallen into the Tyrant pit on fusion plant before. Not cool.
I’m pretty proud of actually finishing Opposing Force, because one of the levels you have to swim trough a tank with two of these:

Since sea monster’s isn’t a big problem in real life, I you could say I just got Thalassophobia.
I Suggest evolv and xdflames look it up aswell.
From wikipedia “Another common case of this phobia is a fear of the thought or sight of any creature under the depth of a body of water, more than fear of the water itself.”


Yeah I can say I have that fear in videogames too, I won’t go into open water and swim about unless there isn’t anything dangerous, or if there is just close my eyes and keep swimming! Banjo-Kazooie was the worst for that if you got into the water on Treasure Trove Cove and then Snacker comes out of nowhere plus Clanker’s Cavern too!

Also I remember playing Mass Effect for the first time and was on a different planet, I had no idea about the Thresher Maws in the game so I suddenly heard the ground rumbling and this screech. Of course, I almost peed myself and paused the game until I felt like I was ready to fight whatever it was that popped up. :worried:


Polystyrene for me! Hate that f…g sound of scratching or just touching this stupid thing!


Yeah I hate polystyrene too, but it’s not really a phobia or a fear to me, more like a major annoyance. xD


Ah man, Snacker… that brings back so e memories!

I remember in banjoo-tooie there was a green monster in the ooze/industrial waste… slurp, slurp, slurp. Hohohoho… fucking creepy

alas, my fear of giant spiders also effects games. I have to result to blind fire when im about to enter a room with spiders in resident evil. Not recommended in a game where you need to conserve your ammo :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, lets not do pictures like that please? What part of fear for spiders do you not get


I have a fear of paranormal activities, and I’m not relating to the movies.


I don’t really have a fear or a phobia, I just tend to hate things rather than fear them.

But what I -do- have are random, very annoying panic attacks at night where I suddenly start thinking everything and everyone will die tomorrow. Or something weird like that. It’s really annoying. I start hyperventilating and then I get heart palpitations and then-- it stops. As fast as it manifested itself. It just… stops.


Dude thats just terrifying. Thats some paranormal shit there bro!