Phiode (Suggestions/my experience in evolve thus far/Planet Tracker/The Gorgon)


Hello I would like to add some feedback for the team workin on Evolve so here i go! I’m sure someone posted concerns about the planet scanner but I wanted to add the conversation or cacophony. I’ve been playing evolve for a while and I’m another old school player who feels as though a part of the stealth game has been lost due to the planet scanner. While there are opportunities for jukes I would like to see the planet scanner become vaguer or have the outline removed on the monster when activated.

As Gorgon my win rate is above 90 percent (with 3 losses coming from connection issues) My preferred play style in the current build is Gorgon with maxed out senses in red and blue perks and maxed movement speed in the gold. This build helps me play as sneaky and dodgy as possible. On a side note I really love what you guys did with the scent increase plus pounce damage it makes sense and it helps me realize the fantasy of being a sneaky ambush predator.

Jukes I usually perform simply involve sniffing the hunters at distance and going the other way, with the incredible movement speed I only need a small window to make any escapes. The most daring jukes I’ve had to employ are wall clings where the pincer of the hunter team comes in and I web sling over there heads (relying on the spider traps to keep their eyes down).

I would like to see a way to interact with the planet scanner, perhaps with a perk or something consistent in game. For example perk a could increase cooldown timer of the planet scanner and increase movement speed. Or perhaps reduce the amount of time you are shown on a planet scanner and faster sneak speed. One could also be when in a bush negate the effect of a planet scanner (probably too overpowered). Perhaps planet scanner could be associated with the amount of armor one has, the brighter the glow of the monsters armour the easier to detect it is. Another wild idea would be to damage yourself in a spot to create another location for the planet scanner to detect. (probably a future monster ability)

I would also like to see is more bushes. Maps are so barren that sometimes I have to knock down trees to create camouflage and even then most of those are on an obvious path that the hunters cross. The maps are really quite nice but there is very little middle ground. Monsters I enjoy like wraith or gorgon yield little benefit for their low profiles which feels really odd. Why sneak to reduce your movement speed and hide behind nothing? Other than negating the noise you make or shrinking your hitbox form incoming hunter fire i find very little use for the sneak button. (maybe get rid of it all together and give the monster another mechanic?)

Lets talk about The Gorgon easily the coolest baddy of the bads (IMO :stuck_out_tongue: ). If I’m understanding her theme correctly the goal/fantasy is to play as a spider experiment monster that was maybe once human. Presuming this interpretation is correct most of the abilities make sense for the Gorgon. Spider trap plays on the mother spider theme, the acid spit is like human throw up that hurts, and web throw is spidery too for obvious reasons. The only ability that makes little to no sense within this theme is mimic. Not much in her aesthetic seems to hint at this cloning like ability. Mechanically I understand that it serves as a way to disrupt the hunters and give Gorgon a way to fight the hunters without exposing herself but i feel it’s also a weak ability. (If there a streamer who runs a Gorgon mimic build I would gladly like to watch.) Most of her kit allows her to stay mobile throughout the fight or the chase, this one ability feels crushing to the tempo of the character. In a fight this ability can prove to be disastrous if you are caught looking at you HANK! It’s hard to utilize it as a deployable clearer as the hunters can shoot it down and then redeploy since you’re probably are far away so you don’t take damage while you are controlling it. As a skirmishing ability it suffers because you must stop moving to use it, allowing parts of the hunter team at worst the trapper, to catch up to your actual body and slow your escape. Which in this build I feel is awful since there are not many escape options other than leveraging the “shear” (get it :P) distance of the map itself to obscure you.

I would like to see this ability exchanged for an interesting passive or new ability. An example new ability if you wanted to keep the idea of creating clones with the gorgon would be to birth a clone that grows over time to become fake gorgon. The purpose of the new gorgon is to simply act as a confuser for the planet scanner. I don’t imagine this as a battle clone or anything but perhaps it could devour wildlife and stockpile “meals” so the actual gorgon can kill it and devour it with all the stacks later. Or a passive could be to infect the wildlife with bombs like the mimic, wildlife affected this way would run towards the hunters and detonate. I don’t see how this ability would work in an arena :confused: unless the gorgon spawned a wildlife creature upon using the ability and that doesn’t feel appropriate to the theme either. One last ability that I was thinking of was to interact with the gorgons maggots on someway. The first thought is to allow the gorgon to consume the maggots for a buff or armor adding to her “attrition them” theme. Maybe if you take this ability the maggots will sometimes drop off of you onto your tracks and cry or attach to a hunter that is nearby giving you a warning system or better act as a reverse Abe tracking dart >:3.

Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text! Overall I am between satisfied and highly satisfied with the new edition of evolve and I can’t wait to see where the game goes from here!


See it as a husk, since insect shed their skin at times. Spiders for example shed their skin, and so does gorgon :wink:


I had to look it up after you mentioned it! Hmm… I guess I just didn’t know enough about spiders haha. So I redact my statement I do see how it can fit within the theme. It just feels odd in her kit to me :stuck_out_tongue: