Phantom Wraith back sculpts


What’s with Rudolph at the bottom?


Christmas Wraith ;_;


I wronged I’m so sorry


Ghost Rider Wraith confirmed


Considering the amount of sculpts they should have just used them as skins that change the look a lot like they do with OW. I want them so bad D:


It’s…it’s…it’s…my god! All of the Phantom Wraith sculptures are here! We have to make fan arts of her RIGHT NOW!


The sculpts look super cool! Time to bug 2k for another Evolve game


I heard Wraith? I came for Wraith.

As I said a while ago, LOVE THEM.

Especially the 4th one on the top row.



I can’t believe I almost missed it. It’s way too cool! Thank you for sharing!!


but wich is the final design?


Technically none since it was still a little way off from release, but judging by the captions on the artstation the one with the three identical sculpts was probably the most up to date iteration.


do u have any info of the passives of the monsters that didn’t come out?


I wish. I heard something from @Sidewaysgts about Kraken having a damage reduction over distance passive, which seems plausible to me.

As for other unreleased adaptation stuff, I have compiled a list of everything discussed in the goodbye stream and Q/A. I’ll be putting stuff together with that relatively soon.


sideways told me about krakens passives and both the goliaths


I recall a couple although I can’t remember if these were already known. Goliath was meant to have a rage bar or something like that so he did more damage the more damage he took in. I do recall knowing what meteor and Kraken had but I can’t remember. I’ll let you know if I do.

EDIT- I think Meteor had something to do with his flames and was a DOT passive. Can’t remember what was said but that I recall being a big part of it so you could stack a lot of DOT damage on the hunters in some way.


Goliath had a cooldown reduction as he took more damage (rage meter style)
Meteor Goliath had an additional fire AOE trail on all his abilities
And I am told that Kraken had damage reduction over distance.

I never heard any talk about elder kraken’s passive

I think that wall cling and leaping sneak attack was considered to be gorgon’s passive


That sounds about right. btw I know its a long shot but I fired an email at Scott Pytlik (2K community manager and super nice dude) to ask what happens with unseen variants. He will hopefully give a better answer than 2K support shrugging people off. Way I see it if they are not gonna do anything with them might as well show them to the fans.


Well good thing there’s nice people in this ev…ahem, company. But I want to give my point about the staff at 2K, even if there could be nice people in it, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t crooks.

Anyway, 2K have its crooks, it’s bad, yada yada…

Scott better give complete informations and not something like the bots would do, because I know how a bot from 2K responds.


i know what those 3 had but I am looking for more details.


A lot of things in development were only being brainstormed, so there’s only an idea of what the passives could be and nothing concrete.


Like a limited sight for the hunters the closer they are to Phantom Wraith? Like if you were in a dense fog?
Something like a life drain for each attack? Something that would give a light amount of armor on each hit?
A hidden HUD in certain conditions?
Maybe it can help you guess what kind of passive you were planning.