Phantom Wraith back sculpts


@skills4u2envy linked me this not long ago and it just occurred that I don’t think many on the forums would have actually gazed upon this. Take this thread down if I am wrong because I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been posted before but I thought this was insane.

Also according to the artist the Wraith was also textured and ready to go which makes it all the sadder.

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Yeah it was posted on the Development topic, but not everyone looks at that or even knows it exists :slight_smile:


Might have been worth posting up because I doubt many saw that. (including myself)



The middle one is dope like if Wraith was in hell, that’s what it’d look like


These concepts are pretty cool. Does anyone know what they would have used to show evolution stage, like how Elder Kraken had the spikes on the wing limbs after the back changed?


It’s been posted several times.





Agreed, middle back is my favourite, but the third head crest is amazing


The third one makes me thing it’s on the moon or something. Like one of those fishes bodies…just doesn’t seem right for a “Wraith”


Like @skills4u2envy said, it has already been posted on the dev thread.
I like the 1st model because it kinda reminds me of a shark, so the Phantom Wraith could have got a sort of aquatic themed model (plus the fact that she’s been stuck inside a liquid container on “Wraith Trap”).
Still annoying as hell to know that 2K-iller broke the contract, we could have seen the final result if this company didn’t broke it.


Yeah, and it’s sad thinking of all the stuff we’ll never get. :crying_cat_face:


Damn that’s depressing. I would have loved to play Phantom Wraith :c


Yeah I know but not many saw it including myself so might have been worth shoving it as its own thread.


I find these designs to be really fun and I love seeing what was played with before they settled on the one they ultimately started developing. There are some similarities but it wasn’t one of these three :slight_smile:


Whxisjicosnbss show usssssss


Doom Wraith (mid) is metal.


I heard Wraith, where’s Wraith, Wraith?


I want all of them damnit!


The artist added some more unseen sculpts. I can no longer edit the post so if anyone with super powers kindly place it at the top of the post @skills4u2envy @TheMountainThatRoars @mizx

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