Phantom Conversations


Now these aren’t full conversations, but I don’t know what to call them. One liners? Idk.

So if you spot a phantom, your character should say something about them. Crow’s was something like

:crow: : Phantom. Hate these guys.

So how many are there and how many have you guys found?


Since evacuation is dead on PC, I haven’t played it in a while.

Or are they throughout the hunt mode?


Sadly, phantoms aren’t in Hunt mode, but they should be.


Went into solo to grab a few. I tried to trigger some dialogue on Emet, but after many pings I couldn’t get any Phantom-exclusive lines from him.


  • “One of them evil bird things!”
  • “One of those flying leathery biting sumbitches, in the air!”
  • “Look out, got an attack bird in the air!”


  • “Pissed off bird in the air!”
  • “Eyes up! Phantom!”
  • “Something’s in the air! Oh, phantoms. Bad news.”

They all seem to say “Attack bird in the air!”


Sadly they said that Phantoms were too much for Hunters…

Well I say annoying Trapjaw Packs at Stage 1 on the first meal is too much but hey! Opinions OP!

I say that Reaver hitting me in the bush while the Hunters are right freaking there but they don’t see me yet and the Reaver is getting close to hitting my HP is a bit much but hey! Opinions OP!

I say that God Domes are a bit much but hey! Opinions OP!

I say that alerting scavenger Birds as I’m Evolving was a bit much but hey! I fixed that with custom Control Options!

And a bunch of other annoying things for Monsters like when all your abilities and attacks are like half speed due to latency… but hey… lag…

But yeah Phantoms seem like fun like a lot of the Hunters Quest App wildlife but oh well…


I have been playing this game since the beta and can say I have never seen a Phantom I never played enough Evac I guess for this to happen.



Odd, they’re described as having beaks even though they clearly have none.


Yeah, I found this picture, along with other ones, from the Evolve website. There were a few typos and even a wrong picture on one of the maps.


the only time I have seen Phantoms is from Evac


Which is the only place you can find them. They’re not in Hunt mode. As of right now.


ohh, I thought there is some in Arena


Nope, none at all. They can only be in Evac is some maps. Custom games as well.


Wow! Before that picture up there, I’d never seen one! We need these guys to be balance checked and released into the wild!