Phantom AI Problem


Is there a problem with the Phantom’s AI? Whenever I win Aviary as a Monster and got the Phantom Map Effect for the next map, they seem to like attacking me even though it is supposedly a Monster-win effect.

I even witness a Hunter spook a Phantom but it made a U-turn and immediately go after me, a Kraken, flying about 100 metres away, eating another wildlife and attacked me while said Hunter is shooting at it. I often try to fly away but they’re very persistent and would follow me everywhere. They’re especially annoying in a dome fight when I’m trying to eat to gain armor even though no one disturbed it.

They’re pretty hard to hit while flying and slightly harder to hit as any of the ground Monsters. I thought they’re supposed to attack Hunters primarily but are quite a huge nuisance to me as a Monster while leaving Hunters alone for some reason.