Petition to save the match replay functionality of Hunters Quest!


So as you may have heard, Hunters Quest is shutting down

For a lot of us around the launch of Evolve this was a great way to pass some of the time and to get some extra badges for the main game, it even had a very long run of challenges that unlocked Arctic skins ingame.

But for me the most interesting thing was being able to watch your replays in a birds eye view, like the post-match replays in-game but with the time to truly watch and analyse them. Being able to seek through to points in the match, rewind, check the event log… it was a really great tool for understanding where mistakes were made, or to kind of relive the match.

So who here would like to see, if technically possible, the match replay system from hunters quest make it in to the main evolve game (or perhaps if easier on an associated website)?

  • Yes!
  • There is no “no”, everything is yes

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Desire for an in-game tournament system
Desire for an in-game tournament system

Lol that second poll option

In all seriousness, this would be awesome.


1 million percent yes. I would absolutely love for this to be added. Being able to watch a game back would be a great way to help improve your play. I’m all for it.


Yeah I used it on a few occasions to work out what it was that monsters were doing to evade me (Griffin) in the early game. Very informative!


Yes. I don’t want to be forced to use Shadowplay. Kills my framarate dead. Should also be something you can turn off, though.


I love replay functions in games. Evolve would be a great game to have one


Well I better get to farming the game for the badges before they stop support on it, such a shame. Great game.


Personally Match Replay was something I asked to be separate a long time ago. Personally I think TRS might have something in the works for it already!

[SPOILER] No, I don’t know for sure, but I hope I’m right! [/SPOILER]


If it’s not a glitchy piece of poo like the Hunter’s Quest one then yes. Otherwise, no.


I would love if this feature became separate from the app! I really enjoyed using it until the app stopped working for me.

Maybe it could go on or something? :smile:


I would love to see the replay feature transferred over to the game itself. If you had the ability to export them as a gif. type file it would be even better :slight_smile:


Yeah seriously, can’t play the current one because nothing worked.


Huuh, maybe @mizx could do something with this? Like umm, web app? Iunno. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiizx!


This would be awesome to have! Sorry to see the app going to be closed though. People better get 'dem badges fast if you haven’t completed the game yet!


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I’d very much like the replay function from the app be transferred to ingame or a website. I’m guessing ingame would be easier as all the stuff needed to show a replay is already there, just need to give it some menus and feed it with data.


I’m so sad that I probably won’t get most of the badges that require me to unlock wildlife. Those are some of the best ones.


If the app is still going then keep pushing for those unlocks while you can! They are hard but awesome!


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