Petition to have 5th preference be disabled by default


I just tried to jump into matchmaking for the first time. Monster is my 5th preference. And what does the game force me to be? Monster. So now I have to back out and take my 1 minute penalty because the game does not understand that I do not like being Monster. I hate being Monster.

I’m assuming just like everyone else, if you have something set as your 5th preference, you are not going to have a fun time playing that, so why does matchmaking still force that on us?

Does anyone have fun playing their 5th preference?


Call of Duty has no playable Monsters.


If those were the circumstances, you were probably matched up with a party of four, all who are not allowed to be monster, its bound to happen every now and then.


I’m with you on this and have brought it up before as well. Perhaps to make it a little easier I’d say it doesn’t have to be this extreme. My problem isn’t being pulled in as Monster, my problem is being pulled into pre-made groups as Monster. That’s where it moves from “eh, can’t always get what you like” to “WTF? Now I’m just going to get creamed and it makes enjoying the game harder”. While I survived my first outing with the retail game I absolutely was frustrated by that exact scenario happening right off the bat, paired against a group of hunters who were talking on chat in the lobby, obviously knew each other, and I was their fresh level 1 meat. A definite problem not just for making the game tougher on newer players or people who don’t prefer monster but also inflating/deflating stats a bit dishonestly and making good hunter groups need to waste time looking for decent Monsters.

A possible solution would be to make a specific option to check for “Willing to be paired in pre-made groups” to make it a bit more fair. Look, if everyone is doing pick-up someone may need to be Monster and that’s cool, raising the bar to force you to also be against pre-mades is a bit nasty.


Oh no, based on the Beta I can assure you it doesn’t happen “now and then”. I was in a chain of 4 matches in a row where I got paired in that same situation. After hating the first match and getting smeared I just began taking the minute penalty and quitting out of lobby as soon as I saw I was again given Monster.


agree 10chr


I read many complaints about this.

Advertising says: Do you want to be hunter or monster?
Accordingly, players should decide this themselves, not the game.


At the very least an option for soloing :
Be Monster all the time
Be Hunter all the time


One way to fix it is to do what the people that are forcing you to be the monster all the time are doing. Join a party


Well, and that is what I’ve been trying to do with building up some people in my Steam list to try to play with but if the goal is to have the “general public” enjoy the game you need to assume a large chunk of them won’t be playing with friends and won’t have this as an option.


I am willing to wait for 10 minutes to play for hunters guaranteed :cry:


It’d solve the matter just to have an ability to tag yourself as a solo player. A tag that will make it so you are not pitted against a party of more than three. This won’t really solve the 5th priority issue completely, but if you manage to get in a match where 5 players all have the monster slot put into the lowest priority, you’ll stand more chances against a non-coordinated team.