Petition to ban loss timers because of disconnects


I am posting this to petition for a reduction or the removal of the loss timer from evolve ranked play. I do understand its purpose (for sportsmanship and so players are less likely to leave) but now the consequences are outweighing the benefits. Being disconnected from the game, which happens to many evolve players, is sometimes resulting in a duplicating loss timer(after multiple disconnects).

If it is removed, a player that leaves ranked will still suffer a loss of points to their rank and any player that is disconnected from a game will be able to rejoin and not have to worry about a timer that can grow up to 1000 seconds or more. In this image, I have taken a picture of my timer. This was after I rejoined the game after disconnecting and we won against the monster.

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So if you vote to remove that’s for removing the timer? You should make it more specific lol


I thought it was already pretty simple. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, remove to remove the timer.


Haha yeah xD maybe I should put a decreased loss timer? haha getting a 1000 second for getting disconnected sucks :confused: and it looks like people don’t care D:


Ehh, the thread is pretty new, give it a few hours, most people could be asleep.

Or should be.

######It’s midnight for me.


Muhaha. Not me #vampire


I disconnect way more than I win games, and even more than I lose, you got my vote cause I’m tired of this shit yo.


So some people still want to keep the penalty timer?

The only reason I’d like to keep it is so that if I’m losing as a Monster I can take advantage for the next two minutes on the gimped team and make a comeback if someone craps out on their internet…

But… ya know…

That’s a shitty reason to keep the timer.


Some monsters don’t care about their win/lose ratio

This is a prevention method … let assume if there wasn’t a penalty

More disconnect will happen . Which leads less players are willing to play hunt 2.0 because the disconnection rate is high and it’s risky . Which means wait times will increased . will lead the community to request a penalty to save their time and efforts /reduce frustrating .

The match can go about 20+ min which is more than average time on other games … if monster knew they will lose anyway . They will rage quit

Look at leaderboards 1600 wins … 1600 win/lose ratio … Do you think they haven’t loss a single match out of 1600 ?? Off course not … they rage quit on a game they couldn’t win …if a penalty didn’t occur . What do you think it will happen (bad for you)

We don’t need to try every single thing . We can expect the issue and solve it in advance . You don’t fall under every hole in life to be able to learn from it

Inorder to get to a better solution for all of us . Look at : Naruto has so many disconnect (rage quit) . R6S has many rage quits . We don’t want to do the same mistake

Disconnect happens

  1. crashes (un likely) 5-8%
  2. your connection is bad
  3. rage quit

The penalty is pretty fair . It increases by the more disconnect player makes

1 disconnect = 0 penetly


If they lose then they lose rank. Hunters will not be upset, they will win and get points toward their rank. For ranked it makes sense. I’m not saying completely get rid of it. That would be ideal, but is it really necessary to have a 1000+ second timer? I disconnected, I’m not quitting. That’s what this petition is for.


If you want to change 1K+ seconds timer . I am good with that . Although I think it’s fair

If you want to remove penalty system . I am totally against it . What is the point in a game that only gives hunter a ranking points . That doesn’t make any sense . What about the experience / gameplay .

Oh hunters take out 90% of monster health … he rage quit

The other game : behemoth got an orbital while he was rockwalling himself … rage quit

Kraken player that rather have a loss than have a death on leaderboards . Rage quit

The monster made 2 strikes on the whole hunters team … they rage quit


People are going to be asses and quit a game regardless of the penalty.

They already quit as it is to save themselves of the death. Leaderboards still track the loss.

But that isn’t about what this thread is going for. This is about disconnects via errors and not just plain quitting.

Losing connection to the match will screw you over and punish you with what we see in the OP.

It also unjustly punishes you if you quit a lobby in the Character Select Screen and you’re the only one in there. “Oh you left an empty lobby? PUNISH!!!”

Rage Quit Punishes and Disconnect Punishes are two different things. We should punish players because of an internet hiccup?


Well people will lern to close there internet-connection. I am still against a time penalty.


The timer sucks. It doesn’t really do anything to deter rage quitters and it punishes people who get disconnected from games.


At the end of this you say “the penalty increased by the more disconnect players makes.” We do not MAKE these disconnects, we get kicked. 5-8% is completely inaccurate. My connection is excellent (71 mbps) and I do not disconnect from any other games.


First game . When The hunters were allover me . I knew I was going to lose so I rage quit .

When I realized that my leaderboards -ranking - penelty affected it . I stop doing it .

But if the system doesn’t prevent me from doing it . I will not do it … common sense just like any system in real life

How the game identify it’s a disconnect or rage quit

People can purposely unplug the modem

If you have a bad connection it’s not the game fault … the game gave you 0 penalty when you disconnect one … if you RE-connect back to the game you will not get a disconnect/loss .

No system can please everyone . IMO it has more benefits that negatives


Lol dude did u not read the post? I’m reconnecting into the game and I still get a timer. I finish the game and am still getting penalized. These disconnects are not user error. Look at the scale of it…this kind of mass booting from the game is not just caused by a poor connection.


Pretty sure I read your thread

That’s not correct . You can rejoin a game without any time penalty unless you have disconnected 3x+ times

Did you read what you wrote ?


Um… disconnecting from even your first match will yeild a 1 minute penalty and even rejoining a match will still net you a loss. If you happen to win the match that you rejoin in then Yay! you get to balance out your win/loss because you get a win from winning but a loss from disconnecting earlier.

This timer penalty is just bad as it is. Thank goodness I haven’t been hit with a 1000+ second penalty.

Like I said you even get penalized from leaving an empty lobby in the Character Select screen and that doesn’t even make sense.