Petition Post to Name-change "Trapper" to "Tracker" in Evolve Stage 2


I’ve played 500+ hours of Evolve (Stage 1) and I’ve loved it. I elited everyone, but especially played the trappers. This game is awesome now too and I can’t wait to delve back in!

However in Stage 2, the Trapper is no longer the ONLY trapper. Every hunter is a trapper with a dome. The old Trapper now is more responsible for Tracking the monster with it’s new Planet Scanner. It shows the direction the monster is headed for the other hunters to follow and track.

It’s a new role for Mags & the Crew and they deserve a new name to fit.

That is why I am proposing a small wording change from “Trapper” to “Tracker.”

Easy to say, easy to remember, and completely accurate imo.

Semantics but who else agrees?

(I’m the same “shintopig” who posted this on Reddit just fyi)


This makes decent sense actually. I’m for it!


I agree. Also welcome back @shintopig, remember me :wink:


Each and every one trapper has some form of cc over the monsters.
They are actually trapping the monster in the Dome apart from the fact they are not the only ones actually droping the actual Dome now.
I mean it used to be their main purpose but still they were called Trappers not Domers.
They still are trappers imho no need to change each and every tiny tiny thing :wink:


But they do trap. They trap the monster in harpoons and stasis and repulsers…


Potato Matata


sup @XplosionIncorporated we’ll have to play again!