Petition for Xbox One tournament


Don’t take this to heart PS4 users. I personally think it is bullshit us Xbox players do not get to participate in the tournament, Xbox players are way more competitive and intense. This is the Evolve community I don’t want a “console war” just want a damn tournament.


I want to participate in this tournament too.


That will proly start a console war xD

Anyway back to thread.Do you know there is a Xbox evolve tournament for 15000$?

Literally only Xbox


yeah what the hell are you talking about? xbox gets the first major tourney!


There’s an age limit.


What tourney do you not get to play in? There is no PS4 tourney as of now.


Xbone gets the first cash reward tourney.

Plus, you need to just host one. It’s what DLG and other guys have been doing.


first “test” tourney is this weekend for ps4. :smile:
community made of course.


Is that the one made by Civ? I am talking about official tourneys. But Xbox had a community tourney as well on sunday. I was the Twitch mod.


yeah thats the Civ one.

this is the start of a competitive scene tho. someone has to start them up and show success before sponsors and what not can fund larger tournies. i just hope the chappie tournie has some amazing gameplay. otherwise down the poophole our competitive scene goes…As much as i dislike that its xbox only. i feel i must watch in order to increase veiwership.


Also the chappie is US only… i would like some european based tournaments since we got a good squad rolling now i think @Dutch agree’s with me :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I’m Canadian so I cannot participate in the tourney :frowning:


Move to America for a day. :smiley:


If we replace you with someone else we would have a good team instead of a decent one…
Jk :stuck_out_tongue:


How did i knew this response was gonna come… you better get you’re ass online SIR!!! we are waiting for you!