Petition for Evolve

About 400 now. Road to 2k (excuse the pun) signatures is going well!


Signed and promoted on my Twitter account.

Stream will start about now. I can’t be there, but please share this there! But remember, please don’t spam the chat with it!

Also, I linked the petition on an Evolve Steam group!

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Which Twitch channel? :stuck_out_tongue:

Signed it :slight_smile:

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I only see 250 signs

Refresh the site, we’re at 473!


I see it on top but bottom it saids 250


Ok guys, those 3 links:

Go on any evolve youtuber/streamer that you know, go on steam forum and paste those in last video and channel discussion with with additional note what those are and how somebody can help keeping game alive by going on those links and sending message to m2/signing petition , advise youtuber/streamer to get people know about those links in his/her stream/video, go on steam forum and make thread with those links (and note about them of course), put them in your steam profile info, etc.

Do it.



I like your gusto! Definitely spread it around but don’t spam. We can do this, and we can do this gracefully. We just gotta do it together, and keep spreading the word!


Oh! That’s followers within the last 2 hours. Just shows were going strong.

Almost to 500!

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This is progressing quickly!

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Half of a thousand within one hour!

I just posted it on the steam general discussion of evolve and I’m about to make a new review that will adress the petition.


Something to look forward to later: I’ll be doing an update post with all the character info we were given yesterday compiled into one place. I’m pumped!


It’s still growing

Of course we shouldn’t spam.

If any of you guys already see comment with those links and note about them somewhere on steam forum/ some evolve youtuber/streamer video/channel discussion don’t put another one but instead just give it like and type +1 as reply to that comment. If you see somebody posted links without note about what those are, add it in as reply.

Also, you can put links with explanation note in steam description of any of your screenshot/artwork, under your steam guides and in evolve-related steam groups.

Here are a few channels that you would like to spread it around:

I would do that by myself, but I don’t have youtube account :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember, if you see there is comment with links already don’t put another one.


You don’t know me but I watched your last video and I felt for you. I have the same punch in the gut feeling. I’m glad I’m not alone. Internet hugs man.