Pete side discussion

Is Pete doing alright nowadays? He’s kinda disappeared off the face of the Earth.

He quit evolve :confused:
Now that I think about it…
Since pete was banned, everything started to go to shit!
Peteinati confirmed.

I know he quit but all of his videos on his channel were deleted. His evolve profile pic also changed.

Yeah he was not the guy I thought he was. Friendship didn’t seem much to him. After everything he just removed us all off his friends list and we haven’t heard from him since.


Aw. I hope he’s doing alright.

Oh shit. Didn’t think it was that bad?

Do you think this should be renamed “The Pete discussion”?

Hmm so do you think he actually hacked maybe?

I don’t think we are allowed to be discussion any of that further than what was said in the thread pertaining to that. I do hope Pete is doing well and I am sad to hear @GrizzleMarine that he basically scrubbed you of his friends list and vanished from the face of friends and Evolve altogether. That said, this thread is not about the petition so I renamed it, and we don’t want to start rehashing everything that happened with Pete, so I will have to close the thread.