Pet Rabbits


I got a pet rabbit 2 weeks ago and wanted to share it with you fine folks!

His name is Charlie and he’s 2 years old. My wife and me were a bit anxious because of my allergies (I’m allergic to cats and dogs) and didn’t want to give him away if it just so happens to be I’m also allergic to bunnies.

Luckily enough that’s not the case! At first he was hiding but slowly is getting used to us. He’s staying in one room until after the holidays at which point we’ll let him roam free in the appartment (after the necessary bunny proofing).

With that said, since there is a cat/dog thread, I thought there should be a bunny thread as well.

Here’s a bunny gif for starters


I wasn’t looking for this but it just popped up on reddit.


He looks suuuper chill in that picture.


Don’t let Charlie bite your finger, or if he does, put it on Youtube and retire :smiley:


No Flemish giant? Disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:

No joke though, he looks cute as balls. I’d take a pet rabbit in a heartbeat, if I had the time, space, money, all of that :joy:


Haha, nope, no Flemish giant as those bunnies are intended for euhm…other purposes (my grandpa has a few). Plus a bigger bunny costs a lot more money too.

It does surprise me though as to how many rabbits there are in shelters or sold online. Heck I even believe some people purposefully breed new bunnies just for a quick buck, only for those poor things to be given back to shelters cause owners don’t want to deal with it anymore. So many ads of rabbits in small cages like they’re hamsters, or not even neutered/spayed even though it’s better for their well-being.

Sorry, small rant. I would definetely recommend a pet rabbit if you can or for anyone looking for a compagnion. I don’t really suggest it for young kids as rabbits don’t like to get picked up and can get startled easily (bunnies aren’t as domesticated as cats or dogs are).





I think it’s the same issue most turtles, some snakes (Burmese Python) or some lizards (Green Iguana) face: growth and maintenance. You might stop by a petstore and see a cute fluffy rabbit, or a happy little turtle swimming around, cute little noodle booping the glass or a green lizard lazing around on a branch.

But that rabbit? Requires space, food, care, all that jazz
That Turtle? If you’re lucking it’ll become 5 times the size it is now. Not to mention all the care that goes into maintaining the enclosure
That snake? Looks cute now, but have fun taking care of that when the first few years it annually grows by a meter, if not more
That lizard? Same story as the snake and turtle, looks cute now, but nobody is planning on housing a 6 foot long mini dinosaur that can bite your nose off if you smell wrong.

still really like them, but as said, I won’t get one if I can’t be certain I will have the room, money and time for them


Luckily my rabbit has reached its max height, weight and length haha. Which is why we adopted one that was already a bit older and spayed.

But yeah I agree, I feel like pet stores selling animals and even non recognized breeders should not exist. Recognized breeders for example don’t look at breeding until they have enough people on the waiting list so they know they can give the animals a home.

I feel like this is something that should be educated to kids, rather than some other nonsense.


Back when I got my pet cornsnake, me (and my parents as well) did a load of reading into care and all that. But obviously also into the sizes they’ll grow into. It’s all fun and games if the top three starters are the Boa Constrictor, Cornsnake and Ball Python, but if the first can grow well over 2 meters and the last has issues eating then the choice is quickly made :joy:

Adopting seems like a better choice in general though. Lot’s of amazing creatures just sitting there. I know my grandparents live near a testing lab that uses a lot of beagles, which they then give away afterwards. The dogs are perfectly fine, but without people taking them in they’d just go straight to a shelter.


Wait…they still use dogs as testing subjects? That’s horrible. I thought this had gone down now with cellular tissue and the like being used more often.


It’s Wageningen Bioveterinary Research near Lelystad, Flevoland. Given that, I think it’s animal medicine they’re testing there, not the stuff they used to use animals for. At least, as far as I know.

That said, I could just not remember it correctly, and it used to be that way: I once asked why there was a crapload of other beagles where my grandparents lived, and they said because of that place. Can’t remember if they said it’s stil that way or if all the beagles were like, ‘the last ones’ used and were released afterwards or something like that.


Willow says hi and welcome to bunny club! :heart:


What a beautifull gentleman, or is it a girl?


Last one is the best.

The Bunny Trinity has been complete.


Willow is a female lionhead and netherland dwarf mix! Her face is so fluffy!!!

Is Charlie a lionhead also??? He also looks super fluffy faced


He’s also a lionhead and Netherlands dwarf actually! Haha. And yes he’s quite fluffy, his long hairs around his face make him look like a fluffy lion (I guess that explains the lionhead name)

Here’s a picture of him from the front:

He’s mostly orange except for one leg that’s completely black


Ooooo! That’s such a cool color pattern! :rabbit:



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