Pet based assault or support


I wouldn’t mind an assault or support class with a pet that actually attacks the monster. It doesn’t have to be a ton of damage, but it could be enough to supplement the other weapons the Hunter has.


I can see a support with a pet, since support is supposed to assist all roles. Not sure I see an assault with one right now.


I’ve always preferred a pet class in many games I’ve played. So it was just a thought.


2 currently as trappers. I wouldn’t mind seeing a support with one.


Yea, but those are tracker animals. I was looking for one to attack.


How about like the insect one from MH4 ?

There is an insect staff which you can use to command the insect to attack the monster in specific regions of its body, giving you a buff :wink:


Animations for climbing/running/waiting/following/engaging/attacking/falling/etc would take awhile. Currently most animals don’t have an attack animation, mostly just a leap animation. Like Venom Hounds/Blitz Leopards.


Or even if you had a hunter that could tame wildlife. Like a mammoth bird, reaver, blitz leopard. Might be interesting as well.


Somebody has suggested something of that sort, impossible to-do for various reasons, one of them being wildlife are unable to climb.

Actually @Shin, they do.


Some kind of creature that follows the team around with a bubble shield? >:P


A trapper with a crossbow or compact bow that poisons the monster might be a good idea too. It could be a combo of his slow ability with his attack. Or something to that effect.


We have a Support with a pet, her name is sunny.


And Slim, with Jbuzzy.


Slim isn’t neither assault or support :frowning:


We know. ^.^
We’re teasing, no worries.


That seems like something mac man would say after doing a april 1st joke about tier 5


A support with a flying squid like creature that has a turret on its back. The turret is connected to its brain and a wire is in its mouth. Whenever the squid sees the monster it bites down and shoots.
The support could have a weapon like hanks, but it shoots a ray like Val’s medgun.


I would play this pet class assault ^^ But I think monster would complain because the motorcycle speed even thought it lacks jump is OP.


It is not jbuzzy it is SENZUBEE


I would like to see an assault that diverges as much from the traditional class as slim/laz do medic. A pet would be fun on an assault.

Maybe give one of the 4 abilities to the pet as well so protecting it is a priority. So a main weapon, a shield, pet, pet ability (Maybe some way to transfer the personal shield to the pet). The pet could be tamed wildlife, like a blitzleopard or a mini armadon/sloth.

The cliff issue could be solved by making the pet fly/hover.