As a monster, when that dome falls I can’t help but feel trapped… that somehow all the terrain around me is moving in and there’s nowhere to escape to.

Meanwhile, as a hunter… I always think the dome is super huge… like the behemoth is having a roller derby inside it and I can’t keep up with all the jetpacking…

Somewhere in the midst of this is the truth. The perspective of the game offers in how it zooms out on the monster, and the scope of the first person shooter mode really offers a distinctly different play experience than that of the more tactically aware and terrain viewing monster.

Anyone else have thoughts? Or does the game literally give hunters smaller domes ONLY when they play against me.


I have the same feeling :smiley:

As a hunter the dome is just so huge and I can’t ever catch the monster but as a monster the dome is tiny with no place to hide :smiley:
Unless I am a stage 3. Then the dome is huge and I can never catch the hunters :smiley:


I agree on the perspective thing, looking at things from Hunter perspective and from the Monster perspective is totally different. As a Hunter things feel huge, as a Monster things feel really small.

I never feel “trapped” really I find it all quite hilarious when they do because most of the time it happens intentionally, I let myself get domed giving them the false perception of an advantage, they tend to get a little cocky which makes them not play as well as they should. I’m not locked in here with you etc etc. Domes can be so benefitial to Monsters especially when they dome you in with a Sloth, a Tyrant, a Nomad etc.

I tend to get domed right after reaching Stage 2 and armoring up a bit, that’s when I also got my big hitter like Rock Throw/Lightning Strike to lay on some strikes. Most of the time though a Stage 2 fight will result in either me winning around the 4 minute mark or me having to focus the Trapper and getting away before things get too dangerous.

From that point on anything could happen and that’s why I love this game.


lol, I know the feeling. I actually have been having really good luck with behemoth, and snicker to myself while rolling down my prey.

Abe vs. Behemoth