Personally, I think TRS delivered

The game is just like it was stated to be. I play a lot of both sides and enjoy my time immensely, even while being frustrated by Wraith there are things about this game that are just truly fun.

I love all the character in each hunter and monster, I love how the maps feel alien and yet familiar and truly “alive” with all the wildlife. Small touches like them going over to streams to drink.

I love all the team comps and playstyle changes that come from different comps, or how a different build can affect my early game as a monster. I enjoy that each monster player forces me to change my thought process and thinking of how to best hunt them because each monster is unique.

I like how some hunter teams might be easy to slip past but are gladiators in fights, never wavering while others are great trackers but fall to fear in the face of a stage 3 Goliath. And then there are those who bring it all together and I find myself picked apart by the gnats swarming around me, not big enough to be a threat on their own but slowly and surely bring me crumbling to the ground.

And I’ve barely scratched the surface.

There are still tactics and techniques to learn and master.

Bravo TRS. And special thanks to @MacMan for being so active with us about gameplay and overall design. As someone very interested in design, it was always great to hear straight from the devs why things were done a certain why.


Thanks man! More to come. It’s only been six days! We are working on the first balance update now and I’m sure it’ll be the focus of some controversy but I know everyone will be excited to dig in and see how the game changes with update. Personally I always love digging through the change notes of any game I play.

Additionally we are hard at work on Behemoth and the Tier 4 Hunters. Each one brings something new to the plate whether you play as them, along side them, or against them. The new maps are also beautiful and really different. The new game mode is still early but the initial response has been very positive. Observer mode is going to be a nice addition too. I expect lots of the streamers will have a go at shoutcasting games. :smile:


WHOOP WHOOP. cant wait for that behemoth!

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was so happy evolve got delayed to exact day of my birthday. TRS/2k/THQ delivered one of the best gifts of my entire life.

@MacMan free cam observer? could we get lots of “debug” overlay information for observer mode. one of my favorite features of this game is the top down 2d replay. id love that to get expanded on if possible. also…like a photo mode for favorite replays? goliath drooool

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Yeah I love this game can’t wait for Behemoth!

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Did I mention the post round replay has been improved? :wink:

Observer mode has some nifty features but I can’t talk details yet. Gotta leave that for the official reveal.


Ooooh, that sounds good!

Glad to hear Behemoth is shaping up. While I like Wraith and Kraken, Goliath is my favorite and Behemoth looks to take more after his style of brute force. Can’t wait.

Anyone else think of Leatherback from Pacific Rim when they look at Behemoth?


Exactly my feelings. There is no other game like it and there won’t be for quite some time. I’m proud to call it my favorite game (Godzilla: Save The Earth aside) in years. Certainly my favorite shooter. Hell I bought all the doc and even my non FPS bro is now into it.


I just recorded the Behemoth ability movies, you know the ones that play when you select abilities. Here’s a gif of the Rock Wall ability. It’s a little small, but you can see Marsh Striders go flying when the wall comes up. :wink:



This had to be at least 10 characters, but all I wanted to say was: :wink:

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That is awesome. I love the brute force explosion and the mammoth birds just go flying lol!


Doesn’t seem like an efficient hunting tool.

“Anyone see the Behemoth?”

“Yeah, I think he’s over there. Where the enormous rock wall erupted from.”


On that note how effective is the big guy at early stage stealthing?


Tongue Grab is better for stealthy hunting. :wink:



Can I call a minimap and a status window on that right now?

No! Don’t say anything…!

Woot. Exciting! Where can I view more of these stuffs? Need to fill my endless hunger.

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I throw stuff together when I have a free moment. Should probably drop that in the Behemoth thread but thought it would be fun here since we were talking about the future!


This. Best thread of the past week and I concur wholeheartedly.

Im stunned by how well balanced the teams are how different they can be to different effect. The depth of character is astounding really. I bought the Art Of Evolve book and the concept silhouettes have me very excited and I loved looking at all the biome and wildlife changes.

I know you’ve copped some flac @MacMan with that one major bug but people aren’t being very realistic with their timeframes in my opinion and on a personal level (having dealt with the bug in a couple of instances) I feel you guys, and 2K, have actually responded really well (to me and my brother anyway).

Thanks for making a killer game, look forward to future additions.


That looks so cool!! I can not wait to play and fight the Behemoth!

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