Personalized Map Filters for Matchmaking

As simple as it sounds. In the matchmaking menu, where you can select your role preference, you also select the maps you’d like to play. This will include variation maps and Arena. Think a little check box next to each map, that toggles when clicked. Checked maps are what you play.

I feel like this would give a slight reprieve to the anger people are feeling after getting repetitively thrown into Arena, or other variants they simply don’t want to play. It would help cut down on people queue dodging drastically, and even provide some unique information for TRS. Seeing what maps the community enjoys the most, and what maps we enjoy the least, may allow TRS to make changes to said maps or game modes, allowing for a better experience.

What do you all think?



Any reason as to why?

hear me out
i like variants and dont want to only play normal maps
also go to hunt beta you uncultured swan

Then can’t you select every map variant, and not be affected by the change?

Also, sorry, but I don’t enjoy 15 minute queue times for a match where I either get stomped or stomp the other team. Hunt Beta has piss poor MMR ranking, and I wouldn’t touch it with a 20 foot pole.

well shit, if you’re waiting 15 minutes for a match just wait, get something to eat or stop playing at 2 AM

I don’t I play all throughout the day. Sorry to say, but if I want to enjoy my time, I won’t spend 15 minutes in a queue looking for one match just because it doesn’t have those variants.

If they implement a map filter like this, it doesn’t hurt anyone in any way, and only helps people who don’t want to play variants, but dislike Hunt Beta.

I vote for separating game mods. Simply remove regular maps from arcade since they are already in the hunt beta. Then crate arena mode. So the player can choose arena, arcade (with variants obky) or hunt beta (with regular only).

Many people suggested similar things loooong time ago.

No idea why it hasn’t been like this from the beginning.

Mark my word TRS will implement this eventually … when it’s too late :frowning:

Yep, game is dying again, because they are making dumb mistakes and listen to dumbshits like Archie_Mabin.