Personal Shield Charge Time Bug?


I’m putting this in bugs for now but I just fought a Torvald/Sunny/Caira/Crow team- I was trying to get a strike on Torvald because he’s actually an HVT, and I noticed something odd- his personal shield recharged in ten seconds- fifteen at most…I’d goad him into activating it, evade damage until it went down and then attack again, fighting through the healing and knocking him out of shield drone LOS. He was good at timing his shields, and they had a skilled Caira so it was near impossible to kill the glorified clown. Note that there was a Megamouth perk but I denied it first thing in the game. He didn’t have it.

Is the Personal Shield meant to recharge this quickly, or is this a bug/exploit/hack of some sort?


The recharge on the shield is about 25-30 seconds, with the 30% faster cooldown it migth feel like 15 seconds in the heat of battle.


I timed it with a stopwatch- I crossed the map and used Abduct to snatch him, pounced, and he popped the shield. I let him go and kept an eye on him as it went down, then started focusing again. He got it up in 16 seconds.

Also that perk doesn’t affect Class Cooldowns, doesn’t it? Thought it was bugged?


Well, that was not what you said in the OP

So pardon my mistake. There are know hacks that affect weapon magazines and battery reload and capcity, so I don’t see why it would not work on a class ability.

It does not affect ability number 3/personal ability, left ability. Whatever the term is. :wink:
It have always affected the class ability.


Reload perk knocks off 30% off class cooldowns. So instead of 30 secs, it should be 23 secs at best, and if you already taken the toad…then I don’t know. Could be a bug.


Yes it does. The cooldown character perk should affect ‘everything’, including class abilities. :smile:
16 seconds seems a bit rediculous though.

Did you win? Just curious. :smiley:


Actually it’s been confirmed reload speed does effect the class abilities like heal burst, cloak, etc. it makes a heal burst much quicker, even domes. I feel like the idea behind it is you shouldn’t be able to catch a monster so soon after you’ve already domed it, but it happens. Reload speed is probably my most preferred perk.


I would find it pretty damn annoying myself. ^.-


Yeah my bad, should’ve specified. :slight_smile:

And I’m a little reluctant just to call hacks. If they were hacking, why not get better hacks? Why just a tiny buff to the recharge of the shield?

Yes. :smirk:

…Barely. They were a good team.


‘That’s what I wanna here’ :smile:
You must be a great wraith player then, good job.

But yeah, it sounds like a bug to me.


Maybe some people just prefer hacking subtly?


Even so, only a tiny buff to the personal shield…Eh. Not worth being caught hacking, right? Although some people are dumb, I guess.


Depends. Maybe they think its less likely to get caught like that. Maybe that’s how they seek enjoyment.


personal shield is bugged with reload.

its only like 13 seconds


Ah. That would indeed explain it. :slight_smile: Thanks.