Personal Patch Notes


At the moment I cant say that Im too happy with the last patch. Its not that I really disagree with the changes, but more that there wasnt enough, and some things that needed to be changed didnt get changed at all.

So I thought I would make a list of patch notes that I think would make the game better, and who knows, maybe some of these will get used.

I also want to note that these notes arent very specific, Im mainly just saying what should be changed and in what way, so Im not going to have any specific numbers on how much things should be changed. Feel free to tell me if you think something on the list isnt right.


-Stage 1 melee damage is slightly decreased
-Stage 3 melee damage is slightly increased
-Abilities go back to having damage increased when leveling them up


-Leap now breaks through objects much easier, and gives hunters in the leap path knockback
-Goliath now has top hat and monocle skin (still waiting TRS)


-Banshee Mines are always a pack of three again
-Pounce range reduced
-There is now a delay between when you land and when you can pounce


-Traversals recharge quicker
-Tranqs and stasis effect her less
-Decoy has shorter cooldown
-Decoy lasts a bit longer
-Decoy AI actually goes after hunters
-When shot while invisible, you reappear for less time
-Supernova damage slightly increased
-Supernova duration slightly reduced
-Armor decreased


-Rockwall no longer gets holes in it from hunters walking through
-Light melee damage slightly increased
-Chances of hunters jetpacking out of Tongue Grab removed
-Rolling is effected much less by wildlife and destructible objects

-Gets the FishyG23 stamp of approval :+1:


I wanted to rewind back on a lot of changes, since they didnt work out well. I made it so stage one is a bit less powe ful and stage 3 is a bit more powerful, because lets be honest, is anyone here actually threatened by a stage 3 monster? As soon as I found out that abilities no longer increase in damage it was a big wtf moment for me, increasing damage with leveling up has always worked well, so I dont see why it should be changed.

With Goliath Im having trouble pinpointing exact problems with him, other than just traversal derpness, so I would say he should mainly stay the same, since the hunter changes might tip in his favor. Seriously though, where is my top hat skin.

With Kraken I wanted his gameplay to be like how it was back in the day. He used to feel like an archer, always staying at a distance, and was really fun. Now he feels way too spammy, and his gameplay is just annoying. To counter this, I made it so you cant pounce immediately after landing, so that Kraken has more reason to stay in the air. The changes to lightning strike were so that Kraken couldnt get any undodgable combos with other abilities. As for banshee mines, the one mine per level was cool at first, but it makes it extremely ineffective at stage 1.

I know a lot of people will like/dislike these Wraith changes. The basis for all of these changes was to make hit and run more prominent for her again. As we all know, stasis is the most annoying thing in the world as a Wraith, so I toned that down, which hopefully would make stasis as good as harpoons against her. Supernova goes quicker but ends with similar damage output, that way she doesnt have to stay in one spot for too long. These decoy buffs were meant to make it better for repositioning, while also damaging and distracting hunters. These decoy values wouldnt be going back to how it was at launch, but in that direction. To counter all of these buffs I gave her a health and armor reduction, which makes it so hit and run is absolutely needed.

I wanted to make Behemoth do more melee damage, but only made light attacks stronger since a roll heavy still does very high damage. Jetpacking out of a tongue grab would be fixed, since you can already dodge the initial attack.

Its kind of strange how Gorgon feels like the most balanced monster now, but its kind of true. She will probably get hit with the nerf hammer anyways though.


-Domes take 2.5 seconds to drop

-10% healing buff from previous micropatch removed
-Capacity increase

-Body decay time increased

-All good here :+1:

-Also fine :+1:

-Shield capacity nerf
-Shield reload speed nerf

-Turret accuracy increased

-Perfectly fine :+1:

-Jetpack booster capacity decreased

-Too OP, plz nerf

-No changes needed :+1:

-Harpoon gun reload speed increased

-Todo bien :+1:

-Balanced :+1:

-Repulsor horizontal bend reduced
-Survey Sattelite cooldown back to normal

-Is always stage 3 :+1:

-Balanced since the beggining :+1:

-Rocket speed increased
-Rocket base fire rate increased (not supersoldier)

-Is still doom :+1:

-Perfectly balanced :+1:


I feel like my Val healing nerf was needed, since the buff for it was out of no where, and made it very hard to break through someones health with making her lose line of sight. She should still have roughly the same healing output as Caira, so it should work out.

I wanted to take away the power of defensive supports, since they are extremely strong at pretty much any level. The hope is that Sunny and Hank both go down to the level of Cabot and Bucket, which would probably on its own take us out of this dark period for monsters.

I really disagree with the changes that have been done to Jack, since he started out balanced imo. I wanted to bring back his old horizontal bend, so that you would actually have to be in front of the monster to block it, but I want to keep the vertical bend the same so he can still deal with a Kraken efficiently.

The assault class is generally very balanced, so theres not much to say about that. I did want to make Parnells rockets a bit more effective though, so it doesnt feel like I always have to use the shotgun.


I added domes take 2.5 seconds to drop, Almost forgot.


I don’t think moving backwards is a good idea, but I will support to the death monocle goliath


I think if we move a bit backwards it would work out. Im not saying we should completely go back to how it was a long time ago, but we should go back a bit, since I think some of the previous changes went too far.


And yes, the monocle Golath still needs to happen.


YESyes yes yes yes


yes yes

yes yes yes


So I’m guessing you don’t like sunny?


Read the justifications. Defensive supports as a whole need a nerf.


I feel like if her shield drone had a cooldown on it she would be better. Like 5-10 seconds inbetween when you can place another one.

Sunny will always be an ultra defensive support based on how her kit is made.


Maybe that would work. Either way, I just feel like something needs to be done to her and Hank.


Whew, good thing this is just wishful thinking.


It should work like behemoth’s rock wall


##These are very good changes IMO. I agree with the changes and those who are balanced in your eyes. Now onto what I do not agree with.


If you don’t want to be pounced don’t stay near him when he dive-bombs. Plus LS is pretty okay, the stun is the main issue with it. If it moves faster it will be a lot harder to dodge.

Ha. No. She needs less armor, not less health and certainly not both. Are you crazy?

Tongue Grab is already easy to hit, just have to aim, and there’s no sense in giving him yet another melee nerf.

She gets mine to an extent. She seems slightly UP if you ask me.


No way in flim flammity hell. Val’s capacity on her heal gun is fine. No sense in buffing it.

Caira IMO needs some buffs. I’ll leave @moiser to determine those buffs (if he thinks she needs them) but she’s just not anywhere close to Val IMO. Nerf Val or Buff Caira.

He is most certainly not fine and he will never be fine, the fact his very spores exist mean he will never be fully balanced because his reliability is on the Monster player’s ability to see through a very bland color pallet and find the Hunters. His spores need to be looked at again, he’s still waaay too strong against people like me.

Hank is pretty good. There’s no reason to give him straight nerfs.

Straight up nerfing Sunny across the board? Hell no. How about we just reduce the effectiveness of her jetpack booster and call it a day. Afterall she is supposed to be the “Jack-Of-All-Trades” Support.

Please don’t mention the name “Kala” in this way, this is what starts rumors that there’s a secret or upcoming character named “Kala”. The name is in no way confirmed to be a character.

#To all these suggestions I don’t agree with:


You make some good points, but there are some things I disagree with. Im guessing you didnt read the justifications, because I explain some of these a bit.

For Kraken, pouncing is not as much as a problem for me as a hunter, it just makes gameplay less fun imo with him swooping in and constantly pouncing.

The reason for the big Sunny and Hank nerfs is the fact that defensive supports are so strong, and are probably the main reason that the game is considered hunter favoured. Im basically just trying to bring them all down to Cabot’s level.

You are probably right about Wraith’s health, my thought was to bring the health and armor to how it was at launch.

Ill take some of this into consideration though, and change the list up a bit.


Well at the time I didn’t have time to read the justifications so I just skimmed.

Personally all Monsters are meant to be a giant menace, Kraken swooping in and pouncing someone is just another strategy, if your team is good he should only be getting about 100 damage, IF that.

You see, the problem is that defensive supports are defensive. Cabot and Bucket are offensive so nerfing the defensive ones to with no buff to their offensive capability would just undo what their primary purpose is. Even if you were to buff their offensive capabilities that’s basically doing to them what happened to Wraith, turning them into completely different Hunters.

The game is Hunter favored because evolve domes, Hunters are faster than Monsters, small maps, instant domes, high damage, burst healing, ext.

Wraith I feel does need more speed and things but less armor, however that is all highly opinionated but it is shown that many others feel this way. If you were to nerf her in such regards you would need to nerf armor and not touch health or just nerf health and buff armor. If you were to do both they would have to be by miniscule amounts.

Just my two cents :smile:


Sunny and Hank would still be very defensive, nothing would change there. They just wouldnt be able to keep hunters alive for such a ridiculous amount of time. Its not like gameplay would change for them like the Wraith nerfs, but they would just be less powerful.


They’re already fine, the only way they can keep people alive for a long time is if they take capacity but then they give up the ability to shield for a long time for long reload.


I don’t think the healing rate of Val’s medgun should be touched, it’s fine as it is. If the medgun does get nerfed at all I’d rather see have a slighter smaller capacity.


Yes, Sunny is the strongest support at the moment, but completely nerfing her is a terrible idea. She needs some changes to her booster, but her shield drone is in absolutely fine.


That seems reasonable. Ill take off the shield drone.


Great idea keeping a list of improvements together in a thread.

I would change this to: “Chances of hunters jetpacking out of Tongue Grab removed”. If Behemoth lands a tongue grab, I don’t think hunters should be able to jetpack out at all - they can already jetpack dodge to avoid the ability (just like with every other monster).

Also, I’d suggest a note about improving Behemoth’s traversal. It’s very buggy - I regularly lose control of Behemoth while traversing.