Personal opinion on Kala after playing her for a while


So first of, I must say, Kala is by far my absolute favorite Hunter right now. I love everything about her and she beats my former favorite Crow by a mile and a half.
@Chloe please give everyone who has been working on her a big hug for me :blush:

Anyways, with passion comes criticism. There are some things, that I dont feel are right:

Siren Missiles

  • The fire rate seems a little too fast, both looking at the damage output and the animation. The value I know of is 150 RPM, where I would suggest 120 RPM
  • The damage output of the mines is too high, reducing the fire rate will help, but still I suggest 120 instead of 125
  • Compared to the mines, the missiles are too weak. To compensate for the reduced fire rate, I suggest 80 instead of 70 damage, which would result in the mines doing nicely 50% more damage

Especially against Kraken, she seems to suffer from not being able to use the mines, which is why the damage of mines and missiles should be closer together.

Armor Reducer

  • I would love to see the speed of the armor reduction to be affected by the damage perk
  • Due to lag or whatever, sometimes the beam breaks even though the monster is still in range. There needs to be a short delay (0.1s) before the armor regenerates to prevent unnessesary frustration (same goes for Blitz Markov btw)
  • Once the armor is gone, there is basicly no reason to use it. Having 1/3 of you kit not doing anything is lame. Especially if you dont need to replace the teleporters and just use 1/3 or your kit for almost the entire fight. Some more direct damage would be nice, but something unique would be more fitting:
  • The Armor Reducer not only removes Armor, but also the Limb Modifier
  • Technically all the damage to limbs would make x1.0 damage. Thinking of Behemoth’s plates, which are armor, this makes sense in the context of the amor reducer. In combination with Parnell for example, this would give a reason to use it even when the armor is gone.

Teleport Pads

  • One thing that is very frustrating as Hunter, is dodging into a Teleporter, directly after it was destroyed by a Monster. I agree that they should be taken down easily, but not instantly. 170 Health seems to be the most appropriate Health value for that cause
  • 170 health is a value, that is unaffected by whether or not a Monster has a damage perk/ buff and will always destroy the teleporter with the following amount of hits:
  • 90-100 light attack: 2 hits
  • 120-135 ranged attack: 2 hits
  • 99 light attack: 2 hits
  • 170 light attack: 1 hit
  • 190 roll attack: 1 hit
  • 66-73 red fire breath: 3 hits + 0 fire DoT || 2 hits + 1 fire DoT (if DoT damages immediatly)
  • 38-42 blue fire breath: 4 hits + 2 fire DoT || 4 hits + 3 fire DoT (if DoT damages immediatly)
  • 59-65 super nova: 3 hits
  • 100/125 lava: 2 hits + 2 fire DoT
  • 150 lava: 1 hit + 1 fire DoT
  • 200-220 direct spit: 1 hit
  • 140 spit DoT: 2 hits
  • On the chase there are situtations where the Hunters can just go back and forth over and over again, because a redeploy cuts out the 15second return cooldown. It shouldnt. Have the 15 second cooldown per portal color, not per individual teleport pad and this should no longer be too strong in certain scenarios.

Thats about it for now, but overall I have to say: Really good job, TRS. I was worried at first that she will be crazy OP, but it turns out that if anything, she is on the weaker side of things.

Kala's tele health help plz

Seeing as a Goliath player was being killed off by Emet ( met)+kala+abe(who was afk when we needed him the most XD)+blitz kov In ranked. map=Aviary the teleporter had us beaming far enough I could bring them back with out the monster being able to do pretty much of anything unless he used most of his transversals to cover the other end of the map (he was basically at the relay and we were in the Armadon bird dome cage.) Its possibly (most likely in the way i’m thinking) like that due to the fact the large distance they can cover.


Teleport is destroyed very fast … the health on teleport should be higher … 180 would be good

Reduce her Siren Missiles by 20%-25% overall damage


I agree with everything you said except the suggestions about the teleported

I think they need to find a good balance between 5 and 15 cause while it’s great for a coordinated team on the chase it’s horrible in domes. When your me best form of mitigation is to juke towards something the monster is throwing abilities at and that pops after like 2/3 of abilities on contact.

I haveto fight a great Kala cause I have yet to face one who validated less teleportation/protection and wasnt solely focused on stomping me stage 1. Cause IMO Thats the only way to win with kala. If anythung, Kala comps could use less damage and more utility IN domes


Which is what I suggested.

The key to a great Kala is great teammates. You wont find that in a public match.

From what I can tell, the number one cause of making the teleporter unviable in domes, is that it is destroyed by everything immediatly. Kraken send a snowball that way? No chance of getting through. With more health, you would have about 0.9 seconds before the final snowball hits. Also spreading out firebreath gives no chance whatsoever of using it. Either you are so close that it gets destroyed, or too far away to use it in time.

I think that the balance is found with mastery, which i believe cuts the delay to 13.5 seconds. It should not be any lower than 10 seconds, as it would allow a trapper to warp in and out while keeping the dome up.

Well if the Monster wastes an entire ability on the teleporter, good for you! One less ability to deal with for you. But my concern are things like firebreath, where you only use a fraction of the acutal ability to pop the teleporter right now. I believe with 170 health, you would have about half a second to get through the portal while its on fire.

180 would not be good as you think it would, because it would give too much incentive to pick the damage perk as Behemoth to pop it in one swipe instead of two. With 170 it would be 1 light attack in any case, which is fair because Behemoth has the hardest time to get in melee range fast. Hence he should be able to destroy it in one less melee attack.

[quote=“Lmk, post:3, topic:83224”]
Reduce her Siren Missiles by 20% overall damage
[/quote]I have to disagree. The mines are too strong, but the blue missiles arent. They currently have a gap of about 75%. This is damage that you will not get against Kraken or as a low skilled player that often. Right now you have about 97 dps on average with the missiles (slightly higher than Sunny) and 173 with the mines (slightly less than Parnell just using his shotgun). The suggestion above would bring these numbers to 97 and 146 dps respectively.

[quote=“browngpt, post:2, topic:83224”]
the teleporter had us beaming far enough I could bring them back with out the monster being able to do pretty much of anything
[/quote]Well that just means that the monster fought you with no teleporters, which means an easier time to get strikes. Also a clever monster would notice Emet suddenly disappearing and make sure that there is no teleporter for him to return, which means no medic for a while, which means more strikes. If it is a relay fight, then the monster can just beat on the relay when everyone is teleported far away.


I disagree with you on a lot of these aspects.


Kala has definitely made hunt a little more interesting. The teleporter create some crazy potential for the hunter team to stay on the monster’s tail. As nerve wracking as it is, it’s made the game more fun for me as someone who primarily plays monster. Adds a little bit of tension and paranoia whenever I hear that teleporter noise “vrom”. I love how some of the characters like her can really change up the strategy of this game.


The dome drops the second that trapped leaves through a portal… I believe

All I’m really trying to argue is that Kala is a little too weak in high level play and telemetry to get any nerfs to her utility


I disagree with all the opinions on the Siren Missiles, I strongly disagree with all the armor reducer changes and some just plainly aren’t logical and do not make sense, in actuality, I don’t agree with any teleportation pad changes either.

I don’t agree with any of these changes, if you’d like to discuss why feel free to ask but I plainly do not like any of these changes.


So you think the mines do too little damage, the missiles too much and the animation looks like it should be even faster? You disagree that the damage gap between the missiles and the mines produces a skill gap and makes Kala vs Kraken weaker than against ground based monsters?

[quote=“10shredder00, post:9, topic:83224”]
I strongly disagree with all the armor reducer changes
[/quote]You think that a tiny lag here and there should prevent Kala from reducing the armor? You like to stay on just 1/3 of your kit the entire fight?
Granted, the limb modifier thing might not be the most logical, but its something useful when the armor is gone.

Have you ever experienced the entire Hunter team moving across the entire map multiple times every 5 seconds? Its ridiculous. With 15 seconds, the moster might actually have a chance to get to destroy the first teleporter before the hunters return.
And what exaclty do you think would improve the incombat performance of the teleporters? Or are you thinking that they are strong enough as they are?

[quote=“miles_mungin, post:8, topic:83224”]
Kala is a little too weak in high level play and telemetry to get any nerfs to her utility
[/quote]Well, first off, the only telemetry I have seen about Kala was about 1 day after her release. Secondly, utility-wise I have only 1 single nerf vs 3 buffs. So you think that teleporting all over the map back and forth every 5 seconds is a healthy playstyle? I have seen this from both perspectives on Armory. The 5 seconds simply do not allow to return to the orignial teleporter to destroy it as counterplay. The huners just keep cutting off the monster until the next dome is ready.
Yes these situations are rare, but if they happen, the hunters win almost certainly.


The overall damage reduction weather its missles or mines …

Overall : could be taken from the two … or one

Her sirens are too much powerful

Those numbers you suggest … it only will reduce her overall damage by 10%

That’s like nothing


Its not possible for the hunters to cut off an intelligent monster as the teleporter only facilitates movement in one of two directions every 5 seconds. An intelligent monster would merely kite the small amount of damage that relocating to an old teleporter brings and blow past the team or simply choose a new direction. If not wait for 1-2 people to come through and then roflstomp that ass after I break it and the team is 100 m+ out

Nerfing her teleporter will only exacberate that. Since in my personal opinionated a damage/utility support with a focus on utility where as bucket and Cabot focus on damage but her utility isn’t clutch enough right now to justify being used solely and she doesn’t really need anymore damage

Plus a single teleporter in the dome not only shuts down it’s usefulness to the trapper it also cuts the usefulness if he teleporter in half… Leaving the team exposed and it drastically breaks the team up if the portal is too far

Sure “perfect” team work can make up for these inadedquiaces but it doesn’t really supplement the fact that besides the armor reducer she brings about as much to the table as bucket does right now… And she does less damage


Can you show me how you calculated that? Because after my calculations, the missiles are 0.4% stronger, the mines 15.7% weaker. Also 10% can be a lot.

I myself may not be the best of monsters, but you do not seem to understand the sceario I have experienced more than once.

There are maps like Armory, where you basicly just have 2 directions to choose from, otherwise the distance between Monster and Hunters is too small.

Possible, but there will not be much space to go at the edge of the map.

After a dome with possibly no armor, taking damage might not be the best of choices.

[quote=“miles_mungin, post:12, topic:83224”]
If not wait for 1-2 people to come through and then roflstomp that ass after I break it and the team is 100 m+ out
[/quote]I am not talking about that scenario, not about 100m but more like 250. When the hunters wait until the Monster is almost in range of the teleporter, they can go through all at once, leaving the Monster no chance to destroy the teleporter before that. And because the other teleporter is 250 meters away, before the Monster gets to it the 5 second redeploy are over and all of the hunters are at that teleporter.

That would not be the case if it was ALWAYS 15 seconds. Besides, that difference provides for a big skill gap.

For example: Behemoth can roll for 15 m/s and a duration of 15 seconds. That means if the Hunters go back and forth every 5 seconds, he doesnt stand a chance. However if they can teleport every 15 seconds, Behemoth can reach a teleporter up to 225 meters away, and will have a headstart in most cases.

Her utility is the clutches of them all. A good placed teleport will spare you more damage than a shield or jetpack boost. All it needs is smart teammates, good placement and to survive more than 1 tick of firebreath.

[quote=“miles_mungin, post:12, topic:83224”]
Plus a single teleporter in the dome not only shuts down it’s usefulness
[/quote]Its usefulness is not really needed at stage 1. Then there is a chance for the super cut offs to begin. I am not saying it happens often, but it can happen and then it destroys a monster.


I’m not really attempting to say Kala is new trash tier or anything and I totally respect the “potential” in her kit and I’ve had bad engaged with her on broken hill mine (Damn that relay

I just think that that potential should be readily available to more than just he top tier of players and she should be viable on more than just maps with chokepoints.

I love Kala and I respect her potential in a “perfect” scenario but 7/10 times that’s just not the situation your in abd I would like for TRS to address how easily she gets wrecked by thorough smart monsters


I like Kala too but i think she will go like Cabot and pub players wont use her very much because i think her and Cabot are only at their most effective with a fully mic’d up party all coordinating in sync.

After my intial play with Kala i’ve since gone back to hank as he’s the best support hands down now.


Which is… exactly what I want? Top tier players know how to teleport all 5 seconds, low tier dont and use it only every 15 seconds. Top tier players aim at the sweet spot a few meters away from the Monster and get about 75% more damage in than a player who just aims straight at the monster.
I love this sweet spot aiming, but 75% is too much bonus damage.

I havent played Kala with many good team so far (people who actually use teleporters), nor faced a particulary good moster with Kala, but from what I can tell about her, she shouldnt get wrecked hard.
I will say even, that if the Teleporters would have 170 health, that I could have saved myself from going down as Kala almost all the time. (Remember that the monsters werent super good though)


Actually it was about around the time she was released and the Goliath player didn’t know who kala was. So yeah it took time for him to learn after he saw us (me) disappearing once i stepped threw it.[quote=“Sepiablitz, post:5, topic:83224”]
Also a clever monster would notice Emet suddenly disappearing
Yeah no they wouldn’t when they have to worry about abe slowing them+kala breaking their armor+ blitz kov melting their health.

The kala put it a reasonable distance away so i would easily be able to get back. Plus he couldn’t see the beam shooting into the air due to the plants in aviary.

Yeah we were close by but he didn’t know where we are.
We won by the fact time ran out.


The deployable health is a great idea IMO.

When you take out the 5 sec reset ability than your just adding a new restriction upon a restriction heavy item and giving coordinated teams one more reason not to use her because her in dome mitigation would suck… That’s 4 jukes a dome, which trapper cannot use unless you bring the other portal in.

I’m just saying playing Kala already takes a lot of mental acuity and awareness on the players half and the teams half too. Lest stupid shit happens like the dome come down prematurely (happened to me plenty already). Making that necessary coordination more inconvienent isn’t the answer.

Maybe if the deploy time and recharge time were standardized at 7-9 seconds it would make more sense. Cause simply making her unviable at high levels shouldn’t be the answer.


Added missles + mines damage together

It will be 10%

Kala for me does normally 11-15k with her sirens missles … and I am not elite on her

10% Nerf is huge ?? How


I’d like to see the armor reducer have another benefit when the armor is gone, for sure.

I’d also like to see the teleport pads not be destroyed so easily. Especially against the DoT monsters, it’s pretty annoying.