Personal Matchmaking Issues


I have constant problems with joining games in session as my 5th preferrence, and usually my worst character for that specific class. I understand the point of filling up empty, in progress games, but this can sometimes be very obnoxious.

I either have bad luck, or just seem to find the wrong games, as I almost always join games as my 5th preferrence. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy joining games in the middle of the fight and trying to help turn it around for either myself, or my team, but after 320 hours of playing, it’s starting to slowly chip away at my sanity. Usually, I have Monster as my 5th, and get put into a game as monster. I understand the game has people take priority to monsters, but if it is possible, a system to tell us the status on the game we’ve been matched to would be greatly accepted by myself, and I would assume many others.

Evolve is an amazing game, and I would hate to leave it. I personally have been starting to address this problem to myself more often probably when I hit around 300 hours, but if it stays the same, I would not mind too much.

(P.S. Also, anyone think being put into a lobby of 10s when you’re 40 is a bit much?)

Anyone agree/disagree with me?