Personal Achievement Thread to Pass the Time


So, as a way to pass the time, I thought it would be a cool idea to make this thread, where once every 3 days I will ask you guys a question, and we see everyone’s response’s. To start, I thought id ask- What is the most amount of Mobile Arenas you have landed in a game?
My answer: 8. I belive that @Pharoah was Goliath, and I was Maggie on dam, and i was all over him that round.


1 or 2.Why?Because i played hunters 1 or 2 times.



I got you covered, if this thread gets popular I was planning on having the next question be for monsters


I didn’t get to play Trapper, but if it counts for what I saw, 7 is the lucky number.

Frickin’ Wraith keep getting away from our arenas.


Yeah, i heard how hard it was to trap wraith, but I unfortunately didn’t get to try as i was on ps4


Three or four. Why this number? Because either…

A. I was trapper or we had a good trapper and that’s all it took.
B. Someone else was trapper and never caught the monster.

I can’t remember ever having the monster trapped more than 4 times, but of course this was for PS4 so we had less time and no wraith.


Now that i think of it, its kinda weird, id never heard of you before beta, and the three or so times i joined a pub, you were in the match. Kinda wierd. But you should so the level of skill in the group of people we had in our beta group.


I’ve been on the forums pretty often for quite some time XD I’m surprised you hadn’t seen me about. I played so many matches during the beta that I don’t remember a single one. In fact the only gamer tag I remember was Time_Is_Cheese and some other cheese guy too… he was annoyingly good >_>.


The most i’ve landed is 5 on a public match. He was a crafty kraken


I played with you a bit if you remember. You are annoyingly good :frowning: You beat me by yourself with those damned arc mines :stuck_out_tongue: that was my first defeat haha


I remember :stuck_out_tongue: and I didn’t count you because you’re on my friends list now. But yeah I can fit anywhere, really. Jack of all trades.


That round i was a bit reckless, i had a bad start an from then on it got really bad. Gosh you would not let up :stuck_out_tongue: @michigan_ball


By the way have you ever gone up against @Plaff you guys are pretty evenly matched as a monster.
I couldn’t beat either of you during beta.


Plaff was impossible to beat. I think i played 1 round where @Hydrawolf was minster in a pub, and i think we pulled of a clutch win, but i can definitely see the parallel you draw to plaff


Nope. He invited me literally about a hundred times but it was always after a long time of teaming up with a friend and I wanted to get some monstering in. I lost one match about halfway through the beta as monster because I was experimenting with a rock throw build, got domed in a horrible place, and was too brazen by purposefully startling birds at stage 1. After that it was all wins.

@michigan_ball was it behind the generator building where one of those Crowbill Sloths was on Fusion Plant? I hid under the staircase as my last ditch effort at survival XD almost made it too.

I do quite want to kill @Plaff though… I mean, play against him :smirk:


Yeah i think it was. It was a great game. I was assault


Ugh my one loss and you were there! I weep for myself.

Yeah I was figuring everyone was meh still so I was just doing my thing and saw the sloth and was like ‘Hmm… birds… sloth… full armor… trap!’ It did not end well for me. I should’ve been more cautious XD the dome was set up so horribly for me too because there was literally nowhere I could hide!


You assumed wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Id like to consider myself (like you said earlier) a jack of all trades myself


I’m always up for a challenge, just send me an invite when you want to take me on and I’ll join if I’m free at the time :stuck_out_tongue:


The ultimate showdown… DUN DUN DUN. We shall duel when the hour strikes the eve and the sun sits… high… or something. In short, yeah we’ll face off! Rahhhhh fear-inspiring sound.