Persistent Freezing/FPS Drops


While playing, the game will either be running at a smooth framerate (45+) or a dead stop (sub 10 FPS or completely frozen). It seems to strike most times when I’m entering an area I haven’t yet seen in the current round. Once the area “loads” then performance is fine, but if the monster is in an area I haven’t seen every face of, the game becomes unplayable.

It’s particularly odd because the game seems to more or less pause around me - that is, my character doesn’t keep moving at the same rate even though my display can’t animate it. When the freezing lets up, I’m in the same place I was at the beginning of the lock, even if I was in free-fall at the time. I imagine this must look a little weird to the other hunters since a computer with low FPS would still have the character moving normally (hypothetically, I suppose).

Things I’ve tried: updating video and sound drivers, rebooting, reinstalling the game, lowering settings - no change in behavior. Happened in beta and now in the full release.

i5-4670K, 8 GB ram, GTX670, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H mobo.


Solved. Reading through my post it screamed “texture issue” to me. Turned everything to ultra high (was on high) and then set textures alone to medium and it’s fine now. Maybe too low texture memory on 670? Either way, that fixes it.


exactly the same here, i have about stable 55 fps on high settings with FXAA @ 1080p but sometimes my fps drop down to 5 for a short period (about 0.5-1 sec) especially when monster evolves or when turning around. i cant even properly play the map “refueling tower”, when i look in the direction where the power relay is located i get pretty often frame drops or it even freezes about 3secs (this only occurs on that map) even worse when the monster is attacking nearby the power relay location. im sure its a memory management issue cause my graphics card just has 2GB VRAM but on the other hand a friend of mine is playing with a gtx 680 and it has 2GB of vram too and he never have had this kind of issue.


The game has been this way since the first PC alpha and hasn’t been fixed. They will tell you it’s not their fault and that it’s the end user, which is BS. It’s another company giving the middle finger to PC players.