Persistant Evolve Profile Service ERROR

Type (ie. Gameplay, UI): Startup
Character: N/A
Map/Map Location: N/A
Game Mode: All Multiplayer modes
Platform: PC

Can you tell us the steps to reproduce the issue or what you were doing when the issue occurred?

  1. Restarted entire PC 7 times
  2. Have currently uninstalled game
  3. Attempting re-install (2 1/2 hour process) Hoping it fixes the issue.

Any additional information (pictures, videos, errors codes, etc) to help reproduce or locate the problem?
Steam had a mini-outage yesterday. Around the same time yesterday, TRS accessed my profile for the purpose of refunding keys. If that may have anything to do with it.

I imagine you did it in desperation, but I’ve been trying to get the word out about uninstall/reinstall: don’t do it, use Verify Integrity instead. In almost all cases it is more likely to work, while being much less painful.

The problem is probably not on your computer, rather it’s probably due to Steam outage, networking, or profile server issues. Has your reinstall completed, and are you still having the problem?

If so, you can try deleting user data, start here and scroll down to the user data section:

It may not work but it’s worth a try.

I recommend you don’t post your steam ID here. We usually consider that sensitive information I think. Might consider deleting that post and/or getting a mod to help you remove the history.

If your problem persists after all that then you may indeed need help with your profile. Try PM-ing @snowkissed

I hate this phone interface, I cannot edit long posts, it wigs out and I just can’t get the cursor to the bottom.

Add @LadieAuPair to the PM if you end up having to do that.

This used to be vastly bigger. And angrier.

Formatting was unintentional but the anger is real.

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Maybe it’s a Forum bug?

It is, don’t want to put it into words and type it up right now. Basically the edit box goes under the iPhone 5s on screen keyboard and if your cursor goes under there, or you need to get it under there, basically you’re f______. There is more to it but that’s enough for now.

I get a similar problem with quoting large posts on my phone. I’ll make thread later about it.

Well, Discourse is beta testing an app right now :slight_smile: Hopefully that will be better than on a mobile browser

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Okay, yeah reinstall did not work. Tried the user data thing, now everything I did and everything I own is wiped clean!
AND problem still persists! Will PM snowkissed.

Sorry to have alarmed you! You need to be in sync with the online profile service anyway. Once that happens you will have everything back.

I figured as much, thanks.
Just dreading the news that maybe my profile is corrupted or something!

That would be unfortunate, but I believe even that is fixable. I don’t have access to any of it but I’m confident we can help.

Adding @m3teeh to assist with getting logs so we can possibly debug why you cant hit the profile service


Cool thanks. I’m bedding down for the night. I works graveyards. Will check back in 9ish hours. :slight_smile:

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I am also now experiencing this issue and can’t do anything aside from training and can’t play multi-player or collect sign-in reward. I also had my account refunded for a double purchase and I haven’t been able to get on since.

We figured this out…

The fact that you were reimbursed for a double purchase tipped us off on what was going on. It should be fixed shortly.

  • Gertz
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Thank you very much really appreciate it and thanks as well for the refund yesterday

Should be fixed now

I am up and running! Thanks!