Permanent Minimap?


Any chances of including in a future, an option of a little minimap allways shown on screen, in addition to the big minimap pressing the corresponding button?

I’m sorry if this was already asked.


Doubtful since the map can be toggled. It would also take up too much real-estate to be useful.


They said they didn’t want people to have a constant minimap without some drawback. Drawback = you can’t see the icons on the hud. I like it this way tbh.


I’m not sure why we’d need that. If it’s too small it’s hard to read, if it’s too big it takes up valuable screen space. The current one is instant and a button press away, I don’t feel there’s a need for more than that.


Or some kind of “battlefield commander”. In bf4 you could open a map in browser or on tablet. That was a neat feature. Sadly i dont think we will get this.
A smaller minimap would be nice too. But i guess it will clutter the screen.


Ok. Thank you. Is good to know.
I like this way, is like stoping a bit while hunting to see the map in your GPS, but I have friends that don’t like the toggle system.


I would LOVE to see some kind of a future Hunter that uses the minimap to call down strikes/manipulate the environment or something.


Orbital Dome XD


That would make birds REALLY scary as a Monster though. Not sure how to balance that. Maybe a 60 seconds cooldown, but only lasts 30? hmmm…


Perhaps not a dome, but a sort of tether that forcefully holds the Monster still/confines it to a set area, but weakens as you get closer? So you’d call it down from 300m, and it would keep the monster locked down until, when you got to, say, 70m, it weakened enough for it to leave.


I think some sort of 15 second dust/cloud thing. It is too similar to Cabot so it would need to be something else.

Assault could drop a turret maybe?
Support could cloak a ‘section’ instead of a normal AoE cloak. Anything in that area is cloaked, Monster/Wildlife/Hunters.


That team wouldn’t be Hunters, then. They’d be… Huntrolls.


Possibly. I’m sure they could do something interesting with a minimap deployable for instance.


Maybe that’s actually the Tier 4 Huntroll thingy. They all have minimap deployables. It would open the way for a LOT of new strategies, gameplay opportunities, encounters, trolls, maneuvers, trolls, trolls, and fun. And trolls.

Tier 4 Huntrolls Minimap deployables Confirmed:


When did you become the master of trolls? Must have seen 20 posts like this in the last 5 minutes.


All of them were mine. I am the troll.


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Personally I prefer a game that doesn’t have a minimap, I find I watch the minimap more than just enjoy the game.