Permanent Airborne Wraith


Just played against against a Wraith that was able to remain permanently airborne(at least 75 feet off the ground) for the entire duration of 5 separate domes, the first being at level 1 with only warp blast and abduct. Interestingly enough, my Sunny decided to bug out this game so that my jetpack charge would rapidly deplete on my target even if they weren’t bursting.

Anyway, I know this is already a known thing with Wraith but I have to say that it was the least enjoyable and most ridiculous match I’ve ever played. Not only was the guy a complete pansy Wraith who refused to get anywhere near the ground before stage 3 with a buff, but he managed to avoid 90% of all damage by just abusing abduct, traversal and warp blast. And no, permanent stasis on him did nothing to bring him to the ground, nor did ceasing fire to avoid stamina recharge.


It is rather broken in my opinion, since it largely negates Hunter damage with pretty much no effort.

I could see a height restriction not unlike the one imposed on Bucket’s UAV as a decent fix, limiting Wraith in aiming warps up aside cliffsides and the like.


I would rather they just increase the fall speed of Wraith during abduct and increase the animation speed so that it wouldn’t be possible.


This. Or tweak it so that the first three seconds of aiming Abduct or Warp Blast have this fall speed, but she starts to fall rapidly after that. So you can still pull off nice aerial shots but you can no longer abuse it to be airborne to such an extent.

Besides, if you have to aim for more than three seconds for an aerial Abduct you suck anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


‘Skywraith’ as its known is always a long ,drawn out fight. The trick is to punish it with harps ,stasis, slows , whatever you can so it drops and has to re-climb , do a little dmg , it’ll most likely escape every dome untill stage 3 , but then you can just maul them down. It stays high it can’t fight, it comes down my team destroys it. Skywraith is a bit of a pub stomp build but with a team there just boring


It could help, but I’m worried that it would remain a thing so long as chaining warps into the air does.


I don’t think you understand. I know what “Skywraith” is lol. I’ve fought many, MANY skywraiths. This wasn’t skywraith, it was interstellar Wraith. As in it remained so far off the ground the entire dome that my team and I were trying to figure out what kind of cheat he was using because we had never seen a Wraith stay 75+ feet off the ground before, WAY out of the range of something like Maggie Traps. The thing was in the big ass trees, making it almost impossible to see and WAY too high off the ground to hit with anything.