Perma-stasis with crow :D

Am I wrong for being that guy?
I’ve elited my crow a whillllllleeeeee back and while I often enjoy sniping with his long rifle (yes, I played cod and battlefield a while back, don’t judge me on using experience from those games on this one, it’s helps.)
I find that his truth strength stems from his stasis gun and gobi tracking. I usually perch myself on the tallest point of a dome and send out gobi to scout, and when he does, it’s all about leading my shots and keeping the poor monster slowed, which usually leaves me beating the global average of 1 sec of stasis by 257 seconds.
Ever seen a aftershock kraken rage-quit?
Oh yeah, it’s possible. :wink:

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…damn u scary bruh
but in all seriousness getting those moments may be difficult to get but oh, oh so worth it.

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Oh yes.
While I’m not a person accustomed to revenge.

I sure as hell a vindictive person. :rage:

Global average of 1 is bugged badly.

I thought so!
Cause I’m like…
A second…?

Crow is my main trapper right now. Ask @10shredder00. :smile:

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Most averages with low numbers like that are because of hackers and stuff.

Yeah. I was meltin’ his face off in the process.


That sucks!
I really wanna know what the average is, so i can see if I’m performing above average or not :o

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What’s your stasis average? :smiley:

Yeah, it’s been awhile since we actually had decent averages.

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Making the claret run eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In my average games? Typically 30-50 seconds. I use it more on Wraith’s/Kraken’s.
I’m more known for taking out 1-3 bars of health past armour in each dome though.


I know too well >:[

Full armor… Depleting health all game.

100% damn accuracy.

Rifles are my preferred weapon. ^.^
Well, when there aren’t any bows. I like both of them well enough.

If you’re focusing anyone, accuracy becomes much easier. If you’re leaping around, I have to lead the target.
Tip for any new Crow users. Charge up a shot, move the scope ahead of them. Then let them fall into your sight, and let the round go.

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5th Trapper has a bow!

In other news Shin has died of a happiness induced heart attack.


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Nice nice!
I personally like watching the monster have have the false sense of freedom and slowly watch that crumble away. :3

Wait, does it? Hmm… I’d have to look at his kit first.

It’d be cool but I was joking, I might be right though! Who knows?