Perks poll!


Hello there!!!

How are we all?

Thought it may be nice to discuss opinions on perks, and have a bit of a rough poll here to show pref.

This is just to help us Monster players out seeing which perks are giving us the best results.

If you have different selections for different Monsters, feel free to clarify. :slight_smile:

  • Armour
  • Feeding
  • Damage reduction
  • Moving & climbing
  • Combat special
  • Ability cooldown

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Feeding, DR, and CD are my favorites, and are generally the most useful for all-around play. YMMV, but those are what I recommend.


I can see feeding being a must for any Monster considering how quick we need to keep moving now. I hadn’t tried much cooldown, but I think I will max them now.


Combos reset much quicker and allow you to do much more damage in a single engagement. CD was my singular go-to perk before Stage 2, but now I can just stack it with others I like.